Bring Back the Dairy with Armored Fresh Cheese!

Armored Fresh CEO, Andrew Yu with Marlo Anderson at CES 2022

Marlo: I just tried your cheese! It’s really good. So I need to know more about the process of, you know, what did I just eat?

Andrew: So, it is vegan cheese based on almond milk.

Marlo: So you’re taking what would be considered traditional almond milk and converting that to cheese? Correct? How’s that possible?

Andrew: That technology has been around for more than 50 years actually. Conversion of plant based to protein and what generally people are saying is vegan cheese don’t taste very good, right? So what we felt like we’ve accomplished is we’ve solved that problem of making the cheese taste good. Vegan cheese has two problems, one taste and two nutrition— and we solve both of those problems.

Marlo: This cheese that you brought here is pretty new.

Andrew: It is new. It’s literally coming off the production line as we speak.

Marlo: Wow. And you have a sample here?

Andrew: I have sample here. This is the shredded mozzarella and I’ve got a bunch of bottles. I’ll just give you a couple of samples.

Marlo: It looks just like mozzarella. This is impressive. Does it melt like mozzarella?

Andrew: It does melt like mozzarella! So taste and consistency. This is our spreadable cream cheese—- spreadable cheese will come in eight different flavors right now. But we want to follow a particular company that offers 31 flavors so depending on season, depending on trend we’ll offer that flavor.

Marlo: And cream cheeses?

Andrew: And cream cheeses. Let’s say in the fall people are looking for spice pumpkin flavor. So in the fall we’ll offer that flavor.

Marlo: Okay, right. All plant based.

Andrew: All almond milk.

Marlo: Oh, I’m sorry. I’m thinking plant based all the time.

Andrew: So, the cube cheese that you tasted.  It’ll come in that format. There’s 12 in there.

Marlo: So this is just like a snackers. This is fantastic. So, how do we find out more about all your products?

Andrew: It’s on our website or you can go to And you can find out about our products.

Marlo: at CES 2022 This is your “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson.

Armored Fresh President and CEO, Andrew Yu brings our “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson to the vegan world.

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