Reimagining Lighting: SkyX Platform’s Revolutionary Smart Plug and Play Solution


Innovation at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has traditionally focused on new gadgets and cutting-edge technology. However, SkyX Platform has taken a different approach, reimagining old technology and processes to create a new and safer way to install and control lighting in our homes.

During an interview with the Guru of Geek, Marlo Anderson, Rani Kohen of SkyX Platform explained how the company has developed a ceiling receptacle that enables people to connect light fixtures or ceiling fans without having to touch hazardous wires. This simple but effective innovation has taken ten years to develop, but the company has now reached the final phase of becoming a standardization.

What makes this innovation even more exciting is that the company has developed smart features around the plug. Once a fixture is installed, it can be controlled via voice-activated assistants such as Siri, Google, Alexa, and other leading companies. This means that people can control their lighting from their app, schedule it, dim it, and change the color. The energy-saving modes and emergency lights also add to the product’s appeal.

SkyX Platform has won the Smart Innovation Award at CES, and people can now start making reservations to purchase the product from the company’s website,

Apart from the convenience factor, SkyX Platform’s innovation also addresses safety concerns. The regulators voted the innovation into the International Electrical Code, American Standardization Institute, and the National Electrical Manufacturer Association because of the safety aspects. The company’s approach is similar to the GFCI receptacle in the bathroom, which has a safety switch. The receptacle from SkyX Platform can do the same for the lighting industry.

Kohen explains that the product has other applications beyond lighting. The retrofit kits can turn every chandelier, pendant, or light fixture into a smart plug and play fixture. The plug and play feature also enables people to move their fixtures around for seasonal use or during events such as the holiday season.

Innovation at CES is not just about new products and gadgets, but also about reimagining how old technology can be improved. SkyX Platform’s innovation is an excellent example of how technology can be used to make our lives easier, safer, and more convenient.

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