3D Display Technology with Dimenco

Director, Greg Agostinelli with Marlo Anderson at CES 2022

Marlo: I’ve had a long day, I go home to relax, you know, put on my goggles. So I can maybe watch a movie, do a little gaming and after a while my neck is hurting, my eyes are strained, it would be great if you can have an immersive experience without having to go through all that, Greg with the Minko. Thanks for being here.

Greg: Thanks for having me.

Marlo: So tell me about what you have here at CES this year.

Greg: Yeah, well, what we have is immersive visualization, advanced visualization, we’re reaching a point of diminishing returns with x and y. And Z. Zed is the frontier now with visualization there, that’s where the, the data, that’s where the more stuff is going to come from, for everything from work to play to communication, you know, at home, in our cars, that stereoscopic stuff that’s hidden behind things that you can only see because of parallax.

Marlo: And that’s, and you’re doing this on a flat screen that’s not attached to my head. Right,

Greg: right. Yeah. Right with with taking this off, okay. And it’s, it’s a display, it’s like, like a television, right? It’s in front of you. But it’s more than that. It’s a portal, it’s a window. And it acts like a window in that when you look, you see more that way when you lean this way and more that way when you lean this way, which is cool. motion parallax. Yeah. When you combine motion parallax with stereoscopic imagery and very high pixel count, dense pixel count, you’re quite experienced.

Marlo: So do you see this more in the home or the workplace right now?

Greg: Oh, very much both. Okay. We’re going down all kinds of verticals in work, anything from CAD design, BIM, model design, industrial design, and then to work games. In the automobile, certain things, if they are in front of other things will be more important once you see them.

Marlo: So how do we find out more information on Dimenco?

Greg: Dimenco.eu

Marlo: Thanks for joining us. This is your “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson at CES 2022.

Senior Business Dev Director, Greg Agostinelli walks our “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson through 3D Display Technology

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