A USS Enterprise Drone, The RC Flying Car & The Drones By Flybrix

drones, assemble drones at homeIn this episode of The Tech Ranch, “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson and “Tech Geezer” Jim Walsh talk all things drone and discuss some great gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

In the first segment of the show, The “Guru of Geek” and the “Tech Geezer” tell you where you can get some fantastic drones that can be easily assembled at home. From the USS Enterprise Star Trek Drone to the new RC Flying Car that operates on land as a toy car and in the air as a drone; drone kits by Flybrix to the amazing Snoopy Doghouse Drone; and the much anticipated pre-ordered flying car by AeroMobil. This show is going to showcase the lighter, fun side of drones! There is a drone for everyone and fun the entire family will enjoy!

Later in the show, “Miss Metaverse” Katie Aquino joins in the conversation to discuss some great gift ideas for Mother’s Day. Here are a few intriguing gifts ideas that we think will make amazing gifts for any occasion:

  • The Omoton Phone/Tablet Stand can hold a phone or tablet up to 10.1 inches (25.65 cm), including the case. You can rest your phone/tablet on the stand in portrait or landscape view and is available in black, gray, silver and rose gold from Amazon at $8.99.
  • The Tile is a tracking device you program into your smartphone and attached to something you want to keep track of, like your keys. If lose the item, your phone will help you find it by ringing it to see on a map on your phone where you left it. If your item isn’t where you left it, you can mark it on the Tile app as missing and the app will located the item if someone with a Tile comes near it. Tile is available on their website beginning at $25.
  • MonBaby baby monitor is a button you attach to your baby’s clothing that works with an app on your smart phone to alert you if your baby stops breathing or rolls over on their stomach. The monitor also keeps track of your baby’s sleep pattern through the night so you don’t have to go into her room to check on them. Prices start at $127.
  • Bluesmart One Suitcase is a suitcase that allows you to keep electronic devices charged while away from home. The suitcase also has a GPS tracker to easily track your lost or stolen suitcase, or follow it from the plane to baggage claim. The Bluesmart Once Suitcase is found on Amazon for about $328.
  • Kate Spade Charging Bag is a bag that is actually a charger, while looking stylish. The charging pocket in the bag can juice for an iPhone when not near an outlet. The bag also charges wirelessly on its charging mat. The Kate Spade Charging Bag is available from Everpurse for $378.
  • The robotic vacuum by Neato Botvac Connected, with app functions, is the best-performing robot vacuum the “Guru of Geek” has ever tested. This robotic vacuum is better at cleaning floors than any other robotic vacuum on the market, and it costs less than its app-enabled rival, the iRobot Roomba 980. The cost is about $700, but the “Guru of Geek” thinks it’s worth the splurge.
  • Amazon Echo Dot is a smart device that uses Alexa software to do a variety of things in the home. This device has the capabilities to play music, get the news, read to you and play games. If you want to try a gambling game that offers a realistic interface and has a lot of double rewards, check out this website now blizzpro.com. The product can be found on Amazon for about $49.

Join the “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson, “Tech Geezer” Jim Walsh and “Miss Metaverse” Katie Aquino every week for a new episode of the Tech Ranch.

Broadcast Date May 8, 2017  Episode 271

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