Apple’s WWDC 2017, MirroCool, and Drone Camp 2017

In this episode of The Tech Ranch, Marv Dorner, BeBizzy Consulting, fills in for “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson while he is out on travel. “Tech Geezer” Jim Walsh and Marv discuss Apple’s WWDC 2017, Drone Camp for Kids in Tioga, and a revolutionary new smart mirror called MirroCool. Finally, Marv discusses his new and highly anticipated Chrome Book.


Apple released some exciting information about their products at WWDC 2017. This year, 75 countries visited the WWDC to learn about new features to the Apple Watch, a sneak peak preview of features for the iMac Pro and macOS High Seirra. Though not as “exciting” as past WWDC conferences, there were many new features to apps and other Apple products announced. We are sure owners of Apple products excited for the new features that are becoming available. On another note, this will be the last year Apple will host WWDC at it’s current location. Apple is moving into a newly built futuristic building that is a mile in diameter and looks somewhat like a space ship and will be surrounded by nearly 7,000 trees. This new building will house 12,000 employees with not one single office! Work stations will be 18-foot tables located throughout the building to promote an equal working environment. Best of all, Apple vows to run the entire building on recycled water! Apple you’re amazing for doing your part to save the planet!

Drone Camp for Kids in Tioga, ND

Marv and Jim visit Dennis Lindahl, Coordinator, Drone Camp for Kids scheduled for August 5 and 6, 2017. The trio discuss the upcoming summer camp that introduces drones to kids/teenagers. The camp will cover the following topics:

  1. Aerodynamic principles of flight;
  2. Safety and privacy rules when flying drones;
  3. Promotion of vocational opportunities using drone technology;
  4. How to become a certified drone pilot; and
  5. How to use a 3-D printer to make your own drone parts.

For more information on Drone Camp for Kids, visit to learn how to register for this fun camp that will teach your child about drones.


Wojtek Kazinski, Founder and CEO, MirroCool, introduced The Tech Ranch to a revolutionary, and kind of creepy product called MirroCool. This product is a mirror that communicates every morning with an app on your smart phone to give you an overview on your upcoming day through your calendar and daily events list. The main feature of MirroCool is to prepare you for your day of upcoming activities of meetings, appointments and any other activity you might have programmed into your personal calendar. The smart mirror is your personal assistant in your home, right down to telling you if you need an umbrella for the day!

The New Chromebook

After a much anticipated wait, Marv received his new Chromebook and discussed how this new improved product establishing itself among regular laptops. Small, thin and user friendly, the new Chromebook is a cool alternative for those individuals who want to have the luxuries of a laptop, but don’t need all the added flair! Though the Chromebook has a small hard drive and very little memory for storage, external USB ports allow you to import music and documents anytime. For those users who need a word processing program or data program, Google Drive allows you to create those documents from your Chromebook and stores them on the cloud and not your hard drive. Chromebooks start at about $125, which is very affordable!

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Broadcast Date June 12, 2017  Episode 274

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