Is The Future Bright With Automation and Drones on the Horizon?


Electronic bag-tagging gets on everyone’s cool side

With Co-Host Steve Bakken and Special Guest Latoya Johnson

When boarding an airplane, we’re all prone to losing all our baggage. While we may have the innovation that is the Apple AirTag, it’s quite pricey and not many would be willing to fork out the dough for such a product. Enter Alaska Airlines with a solution of their own. Thanks to an electronic bag tag program, Alaska’s put itself ahead of the game when compared to other airlines and has made the lives of would-be passengers easier while doing so. 

Tagging one’s bags is a fairly easy process and won’t cost anyone extra, and most important of all, it could all be done through the phone! This takes convenience to the next level and other airlines have to want to play catch-up now at this rate. It’ll be interesting to see how the future of air travel will continue to evolve for even the smallest steps such as these can be a big help in terms of the overall experience.

A new age of workers upon us?

In very unfortunate news, the layoffs in the tech sector have continued to grow. The likes of Shopify and Snap have taken it upon themselves to lay off their workers in the double digits, while the big boys such as Tesla and Microsoft are no longer willing to compromise when it comes to work-from-home situations. Now that the world is slowly going back to normal, most workers have found a rejuvenation in the home setup and do not want to go back to the offices. Tech companies may have to find new ways to lure more aspiring works to get out of their homes, however, what they could end up looking for may be somewhat of a game-changer altogether. 

With the rise of McDonald’s kiosks all over the world replacing front counters little by little, this begs the question – is automation on the horizon? Will the difficulty of getting human workers to work minimum wage at McD’s end up with robot chefs making us Big Macs? It’s hard to say. It seems we’re still far away from that notion, yet inching closer to it with each passing day. This makes automation a real possibility on the horizon. 

Drones ready and willing to give a show

As much as robots are threatening to replace humans when it comes to stable jobs, are we also seeing drones replace fireworks when it comes to night-time entertainment? Drones are obviously more versatile when compared to their noisy counterparts, being able to spell out letters and form logos with relative ease. Essentially, they’re light shows taken to their logical extreme, and their existence could turn fireworks into a passé art form. Only time will tell if this ends up true, but with drones already being able to deliver packages and food, it could be a matter of time before they end up as full-time replacements for pyro.

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