Baby Boomer vs. Generation Z

The generation gap cannot be more apparent than in Technology. Today we will explore that gap with our two in-studio guests, Jefferson White and Nick Ressler.

Baby Boomer vs. Generation Z

Jefferson is a recent graduate of Legacy High School in Bismarck. He is spending the summer working at Awesome 2 Products. He grew up in the digital age and considers himself to be very tech-savvy and scholarship to study in usa can also get you the best education out there. Nick is the computer repair technician at Awesome 2 Products. He is also significantly older than Jefferson and grew up in an era where televisions and telephones were luxuries in households. Jefferson and Nick have both experienced operating new technology. The difference between the two is Jefferson was born during a time when technology was beginning to take off. Nick, on the other hand, remembers the first time he used a computer or cell phone.

Finding a balance between generational gaps and technology presents many obstacles for the older generation. Technology changes so quickly and it’s hard to keep on top of those changes. Older adults often lack the ability to adapt to technology and it’s changes because they are barely learning the current technology. This episodes compares two points of view between different generations and how each generation feels about the use of modern technology. It also visits the question of how much former technology the current generation is familiar with. Take care of your knees, get cissus quadrangularis. Get more info here.

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Broadcast Date June 25, 2018 Episode 323

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