Badger Robotics Unveils New Autonomous Lawnmower Models


Springtime is a favorite season for many homeowners, as it signifies the start of a new season, warmer weather, and beautiful blossoming flowers. However, one chore that many people dread is mowing the lawn. While it is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation, it can quickly become tiresome after several rounds of mowing. Badger Robotics has come up with a solution that will change the way we think about lawn maintenance.

Badger Robotics is one of the leading manufacturers of autonomous lawnmowers on the market. In a recent interview with Badger Robotics’ representative, Ned, it was revealed that the company will be launching a new line of robotic mowers in the spring of 2023. The new line will consist of two models: a small version for smaller yards and a larger version for bigger lawns.

The small model runs off a two-and-a-half-hour lithium battery, while the larger model runs off a five-empire lithium battery. The larger version can handle up to an acre, while the smaller model can handle about a quarter of an acre. What’s impressive about these mowers is that they have a sonar sensor that allows them to avoid obstacles such as trees and pets, which makes them an ideal solution for pet owners and those with complex lawn designs.

The new autonomous lawnmowers come equipped with a perimeter wire that serves as a guide for the mower, and when the battery runs low, it automatically heads back to its charging station. The larger model can be fully charged in just an hour and a half, while the smaller version only takes an hour.

Badger Robotics isn’t stopping there, however. In 2024, the company plans to release a GPS model that doesn’t require perimeter wires, and it can handle up to two acres with a 30-degree incline. This model is perfect for those who want an even easier lawn-mowing experience. It has a five-power battery and can map out the lawn one time and cut it to perfection.

The GPS model can cut in patterns and even strip the lawn, and the estimated cost for this model is yet to be announced. However, the smaller and larger models are estimated to cost between $550 and $900, which is an incredible price for an autonomous lawnmower that does all the work for you.

In conclusion, Badger Robotics has revolutionized the lawn-mowing industry with its autonomous lawnmowers. The new models, set to be released in the spring of 2023, will change the way we think about lawn maintenance. With the GPS model set to be released in 2024, the future of lawn mowing is looking brighter than ever. For more information on Badger Robotics, visit


I love the springtime, right? And that first mowing of the grass it’s like this tradition that you have to go through every year, but I tell you, by the fourth or fifth time I have to mow, I am done with it for the year. So Ned is with badger. Badger is one of the leading autonomous lawnmowers on the market.

Yep. And why don’t you tell us a bit. The current product you have, and then you have something new that we’re gonna talk about as well. But what you have now is pretty cool too. Yeah. So let’s start there. Yeah. We’re excited. This is our new line of robotic mowers. They’re coming out in the spring of 2023.

So these right here that are bouncing around right now are coming out this spring. This spring, yes. This is our small version. Okay. For smaller yards. Okay. And it runs off a two and a half, half hour lithium battery. And then this is our larger. Which runs off a five Empire Lithium batteries. So do you have a square footage or anything like that, that you’re like blue here would take care of Yeah.

I would say about a quarter an acre with blue and then an acre with a large, yeah. Really? Yeah. Really. Okay. That’s high capacity. The other good thing about it is if you got a furry friend or anything like that, or trees. Yep. It’s got a sonar sensor on it that it’ll bump into it and it’ll back off.

Okay. It’s exciting. That’s, yes. Yeah. I. And what happens is there’s a perimeter wire around almost like the dog fence, right? And that’s what these run off right now. And when it gets tired and runs outta gas it goes back to its charging station. Okay. Automatically. Okay. Don’t charge back up and go back


and finish the house.

So how long does it take for it to charge them? The larger one, probably an hour and a half. Oh, so that’s not bad at all. No, not at all. Okay. And the smaller one, maybe an hour. All right. So spring of 23, every. Bad will be coming out with a new mower. So you gotta check that out when it comes out.

But 20, 24, you have even more exciting news. Yeah, we’re really excited about this product. This is our GPS model. Okay. Where there’ll be no wire required. Okay. So it’ll cut up to two acres. It can do a 30 degree incline. Wow. It’s got a five power battery, so plenty of run time. And all it does is it maps out the yard one time and goes.

And wow the different, these cut randomly. This one will be able to do roads and strip your yard kind. Okay. So like the combines right now or whatever, an ag right. Where you can just set the GPS and it does its thing. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Very cool. So is there gonna be a little bit of a price difference between next year’s model with GPS compared to this?

And will you continue to use, offer this model as well? Oh, ab, absolutely. Okay. This will be a great price point. Estimate between five 50 and 600. Really? Yeah. And then the bigger one, 800 to 900 and then we’re still working on pricing on the gps. That’s incredible price for a lawnmower because most, the last lawnmower I bought for my yard cost 500 bucks.

And that’s a push mower. So we’re, so you’re right in that same space then. And you set up once and Yeah. And you’re done. You’re done. Yeah. You go. Go relax and en enjoy the game and not have to worry about getting up and on the grass. You’re talking me into this now, so

Alright, where do we find out more about badber? Okay, after and we’ll have all this information up. It’s going soon. All right. Thank you Ned. Appreciate it. Thanks. This is your guru of Geek Marlo Anderson at CES 2023

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