Bring Magical Stories to Life with Levita

Philippe Bougard with Marlo Anderson at CES 2022

Philippe: First of all, you can put the lighter here. What’s your name?

Marlo: Marlo.

Philippe: Marlo

Marlo: Doofus. Call me doofus.

Philippe: Doofus?

Marlo: Yes.

Philippe: Okay. All right. I’m Phillip, nice to meet you. Now, Take the aluminium paper and check if there is something inside.

Marlo: Okay, there is nothing inside of it. No cocaine. Nothing— actually smells like baloney.

Philippe: Yeah! Okay, now cut it however you want.

Marlo: Just rip it?

Philippe: Yes and keep one part for you one part for me.

Marlo: Okay.

Philippe: And now you make a ball. Okay, show me the ball.

Marlo: This one?

Philippe: Yeah. Okay, perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Everybody see the little ball is very, very, very little.

Marlo: Okay. Well, I’m embarrassed now, you know?

Philippe: Yes, yes. And I use this little thing in my pocket.

Marlo: Okay.

Philippe: It’s just a pin.

Marlo: Yes. Okay.

Philippe: Okay, watch. And I have a question for you and for everybody. If I light the little ball, what’s going to happen? It’s going to burn yes or no,

Marlo: No.

Philippe: Okay. Let’s try. And you’re right! It’s not working. That’s normal because it’s aluminum. but I’m a magician. So the magician— they give you know, like magic, right? Yes. Try to imagine that it’s in fire.

Marlo: Okay. I’m imagining it. Yes, there we go. I can see it now.

Philippe: When you have a dream you have to believe in your dream.

Marlo: Okay, so for that I’m gonna believe in that person’s dream.

Philippe: Dream magic! (lights aluminum ball)

Marlo: Oh, whoa! I have no eyebrows left!

Philippe: Let’s do it again and do it again. 1,2,3

Marlo: What in the world! It’s like a volume control for fire.

Philippe: Yeah! Do you wanna try? (Talks to audience) Thank you very much.

Our “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson plays with fire as Philippe Bougard shows us Levita Magic!

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