Customize Your Scents With Moodo

Eli Ofek with Marlo Anderson at CES 2022

Marlo: So one of the challenges accrue, of course, in your home or office is how your place smells, right. There are some smart technologies out there nowadays, including one called mudo, which is actually a personal favorite of mine, excited to actually run across you here again this year. So thanks to you for taking time out here. So I know we did an interview a couple years ago. We love your product, by the way, we actually use it in our home and office. So it’s wonderful. Can you maybe talk a little bit about what mudo is and then maybe some of the things that have changed from 2020

Eli: We design and develop smart aroma diffusers and air purifiers. The latest edition by the way called modal air, it’s a combination of aroma diffuser and air purifier. We just recently launched air filter in a form factor of a capsule so you can switch between you know scents and filters and enjoy you know, one device can clean the room with air purifier later on. Tweak a play you know developing advanced features you know Alexa and Google Home and Siri and very soon also HomeKit we’re going to be supported more capsules flavors. Okay, we have bunch of new families every now and then we add our clients you know ask us Okay, what’s next?

Marlo: So if I was going to use Moodo with Siri or Google how would I How would I activate it?

Eli: Hey Siri, turn on Moodle. shuffle mode. Which party varies. Okay,

Marlo: That’s pretty cool.

Eli: Yeah, for one hour,

Marlo: Okay. Okay. Yes, that example okay. Okay. Tell me about some of the new fragrances that some of the packs

Eli: So one of the latest addition is the winter which is our best seller this year. It comes with Christmas cookies and Christmas tree flavor. You know it gives you the feeling of Christmas is gummy yes it’s for fun it’s for a nice good feeling and and and you know we want to change your mood. This is why we called Moodle right? So this do a great job.

Marlo: Yes. Yeah, that’s very, very cool. How do we find out more information

Eli: On our website

Marlo: Love your product. Thank you for taking some time with me guru of geek Marlo Anderson at CES 2022.

It’s not only the smartest, connected aroma diffuser. It is the only diffuser that allows you to shape and customize scents according to your mood. CEO and Founder, Eli Ofek introduces to our “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson the new things about Moodo.

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