Did you say that’s a Karaoke Machine?

September 4, 2015

MomentJust a few years ago, our desks were cluttered with all kinds of computer peripherals.  You had a printer, a scanner, that noisy fax machine, a smart card reader and other space taking items.  Someone had the brilliant idea of trying to combine these items.  Now it is almost impossible to purchase a stand alone printer as it is just accepted that a scanner, fax, card reader and much more is included.  A person has to appreciate the efficiency of these devices. You can also use the best online fax service to fax stuff electronically.

So are there other items we use in our everyday life that can be combined together?  How about a refrigerator,  microwave, toaster and bender.  Maybe a paper shredder/fan outfitted with cup holders to keep your beverages hot or cold.

With everyone discovering that the sound on their new flat screen TVs not as good as it should be, one of the hottest selling items are sound bars.  So if we took a sound bar, added blue tooth, a wireless microphone and some music, we would have the worlds coolest Karaoke machine.  Let’s google this and see if anyone is working on this.

After our initial disappointment, the Tech Ranch is excited that we found a company called  Moment™.  This company has created a high-fidelity sound bar Karaoke System.  Simply pair the sound bar with your TV to enjoy that great audio experience you deserve.  With it’s space saving design, the Moment™ sound bar works well in dorm rooms as well as large family rooms.

When you or your friends and family are in the mood to belt out a song, you have the equipment for that as well.  Here is an excerpt from their website:

What is Moment™?

  • World’s first soundbar with Karaoke & DTS TruSurround™ function
  • Elegant and compact at only 16″ – space everyone can afford.
  • Unlimited karaoke song library – using apps like Smule, YouTube, Spotify.
  • Works with any device – smartphones, tablets, computers, media players
  • .No cable mess – Moment™ Sub & Hooke Audio binaural Microphone are all wireless.
  • Plug & Play – no expert setup required.
  • Unlimited karaoke song library


Moment™ works any file, app, or online streaming site that your devices play, enabling you to let loose and sing your heart out to an unlimited song library.

This means you have access to an unlimited and always up to date karaoke song library with apps like Smule, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Pandora, and more.


The system is expected to cost $399 when it hits the general market before the holidays but early backers for the launch of their indiegogo campaign can purchase one for $199.

For more information, stop by the Moment™ website.

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