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Albert Maas with Marlo Anderson at CES 2022

Marlo: We just discovered a very interesting product at CES 2022. These are modular devices that plugged together kind of like Legos that have like GPS, LiDAR, all kinds of sensors, possibilities that you can stack together and create robots from think of the possibilities with companies, maybe in warehouses, drones, autonomous vehicles, all kinds of great stuff are possible with this. Let’s go check it out. For whatever reason, I got Legos in my head all of a sudden, yeah, well, so

Albert: is this what this Oh, look at this, look at this. Okay, it is almost like that. So you have the the main computer actually, okay. And the whole idea is that here, the bunch of the algorithms is already in there, the AI the control theory that you need. But we also see that you need additional processes to get going. Sure. But it’s different for different tasks. So whether you need need GPS or 5g, you can just click on additional modules. So we made, we made a bus system and clicking system, and you can configure it in whatever way you want. So and in addition to the hardware that’s modular, it’s also in software. So you can have the state of the art control algorithms, and just put the blocks on there that you need, so that you keep all the resources nice and tidy. So how many different modules you have? So right now we have four, but we’re expanding this this year and into multiple of 10. More diverting from additional IO to additional communication systems.

Marlo: So do you have any your modules programmable as well, I can stack Yeah, what you have. And then you have the last one that I can program the different things that I want it to do as well, or actually the

Albert: first one, you can pre pre program it with the modules that we have. But you can also make your own code. So it’s very flexible, okay, it is as open as you would want it. But all the software blocks that we supply, we also tested rigorously so that it can be applied in industrial cases, so that you know what you have.

Marlo: So do you see your system being used more in the commercial world? Or do you see, you know, hobbyists, like myself hopping in there and having a little fun with this too?

Albert: Well, a little bit of both. So our business model is three folds, actually, you can buy these building blocks on the webshop. And as an engineer, you can just play around with it like you would with a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino. Yeah. But then the more industrial cases, we see research companies getting into it, but also r&d teams of bigger companies. And then they start with it. And they make their own first prototype, I think a very cool use case that we have, we have a drone for a Swedish company. And it has a 3d Lidar and four cameras, and it can inspect the forest. And then they made the AI algorithms to detect which trees to cut or not to cut. So to make it much more sustainable. And then we end at the autonomous robot and they give the additional AI to do that task.

Marlo: So how do we find out more about your product?

Albert: Yeah, well, you can go to the website, of course it’s www.outlaw.com AVAL. You are done. Exactly. Yes.

Marlo: I appreciate it. Check it out everybody. And this is your guru of geek Marlo Anderson at CES 2022.

Avular is an agile and innovative robotics company, aiming to make the world of complex mobile robotics accessible to everyone.. Director, Albert Maas gives our “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson a further understanding of Avular.

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