Experience the Benefits of Lightning Storms with NuAirs: The Revolutionary Air Purification Technology


Are you looking for a way to improve the air quality in your home or car? Look no further than NuAirs, a revolutionary new technology that mimics the natural ionization process that occurs during a lightning storm. In a recent interview with talk show host Marlo Anderson, Dr. Lael Alexander, founder and CEO of NuAirs, explained how this technology works and the benefits it can provide.

NuAirs works by taking in the air around it, ionizing it with a catalyst seed, and disassociating the oxygen from the nitrogen and volatile gasses. This process creates ozone, which then combines with the oxygen to create 95% pure oxygen on the output. This means that anything that goes through the ozone is totally dismembered, allowing pure air to be generated on the outside. NuAirs can even clear out smoke from a room, oxidizing it in the air.

One of the most exciting things about NuAirs is that it can be used as a replacement for oxygen tanks. The device is tankless and can be charged with a phone charger. It is small enough to fit in a car, making it a popular choice among Uber and Lyft drivers. But NuAirs isn’t just for individuals with health concerns. It can also be used in homes to clear out mold and other harmful gasses.

Dr. Alexander emphasizes that air quality is a critical component of our overall health, as we consume air just as we consume food and water. The technology behind NuAirs is based on the natural ionization process that occurs during a lightning storm, which creates ozone and releases large amounts of oxygen into the atmosphere.

NuAirs is not just a consumer electronics device. It’s a way to mimic the natural processes that make our planet habitable. Dr. Alexander explains that NuAirs is “true mimicry in engineering,” meaning that it is designed to work in the same way that our world was built. In a world where air quality is becoming an increasingly important issue, NuAirs is an exciting new development that could have a huge impact on our health and well-being.

So, whether you’re looking to improve the air quality in your home, car, or workplace, NuAirs is definitely worth checking out. With its innovative technology and ability to mimic the natural ionization process, it could be the key to improving your overall health and well-being.


I am gonna allow you to experience good quality air for the first time in a long time. It’s not good quality in here. No, of course not. Okay. Of course not. Okay. Oh my. It’s just like a lightning storm. Yeah. Yeah. Right afterwards, you know when you get that really crisp air and what happens there? Lightning storm creates ionization in the atmosphere, ionization. A lot of oxygen. So it’s that ozone smell that you get. But that’s a natural, that’s a natural occurrence in nature. This is Cs. We should be talking about these types of technologies. So let’s go ahead and discuss the Chapman cycle real quick. Okay. What happens with our ozone layer, we have our solar arrays that’s coming out that has solar dust in it, that solar. Has bacteria, harmful bacteria. Our ozone layer protects us from that, right? What’s in our ozone layer? Oh three. That’s three parts. Oxygen, right? Right below that is the bombardment cycle. That’s the nitrogen elements, right? That’s bombarding it because it’s catalyzed by the UV sunlight. UV energizes the nitrogen, the bombard, the ozone that turns that oh three into oh two as it comes down to our atmosphere, and that’s what we call air. This is that entire Chapman cycle in the palm of my hand. So is there like an oxygen cartridge or how is this working? That’s the whole idea. So it actually takes in the N two oh two or what you call air, it ionizes the air at a catalyst Seaf. Once it ionizes it and disassociates the oxygen from the nitrogen and the volatil g. Nitrogen. Nitrogen becomes a radical. Ozone is now formed because the oxygen is now combining. Right now. We add sunlight. We need the solar uvc, allows the nitrogen to bombard that ozone that was created in that kill chamber, creating a 95% pure oxygen on the output. No filter chamber is filter. Does catalyst seed nitrogen plasma? Creation of ozone, this association of ozone to pure air on the outside. So all it’s doing is taking bad air in. Anything that goes through ozone is gonna total totally dismember it and allows, allow pure air to be generated on an outside because ozone, for example, if you put it in a smoke filled room, we’ll just clear out the smoke just like this quickly. It just, it oxidizes it in the air. Correct. That’s it. That’s it. Yeah. So ionization we call this. We call this ionization or disassociation of volatile organic compounds. So my mom, for example, wears oxygen, right? Would this be a replacement for her doing that? It tankless oxygen. No tank. No charger. This is, you can charge this with your phone charger. And this is actually the size that people, a lot of Uber drivers and Lyft drivers had this in their car during. There’s a reason for it, so you are thinking obviously health reasons for like my mother. Yeah. But you’re also thinking that if you have a car that does not have the features that your car has, they can just adapt it with you. Absolutely. Absolutely. Look, air quality is one of the biggest discussions that we should have because air is what you consume. I don’t care what you had for breakfast today. You had more nitrogen than you had anything else. Carbon is actually your fuel. You gotta burn that off. That’s right. But you actually are fueled by that nitrogen, and that nitrogen and oxygen. And just for the viewers out there, you hear me speaking about nitrogen, I know a lot of you are saying, Hey, I thought I br oxygen. Yep. It’s 78. Nitrogen in our atmosphere, right? Only 22% oxygen, right? Your largest consumption is nitrogen. So what about homes that have mold and all that stuff? All of that help, all of that. So I have the larger versions of this, okay? This is the handheld, this is sunlight in the bottle, right? But the larger versions are from here to even water sterilization in the same. Think about this. You guys all went through the covid and if you purchased a sterilizer, it had a filter on it. So then you captured all of the bacteria that you were trying to protect your, protect yourself from. Okay, now change the filter. Did anyone tell you to put a hazmat suit on? No, because that bacteria continues to grow. So it was worse when you were changing it out than the whole time that you were protecting, quote unquote yourself from it. This is filters, this is the way God intended it. It’s like a it’s a God device for the most part. And when I say God I’m literally speaking about the way nature intended it. That’s why I always say we, I can’t even take credit for creation of this because it’s true mimicry in engineering. I literally tried. Do the same thing that our world was built out of. This is a consumer electronic show, so I’m gonna, I’m gonna give you a throwback the Philco television, right? Yeah. Everyone had a philco TV at one point in time in their life, and as a kid you would throw a sock or a t-shirt on the face of it and it’ll stick cuz it created a lot of static, right? So it also created a lot. You ever wonder where that dust came from? I would say the decay of human skin. And that’s what they’ve been telling us, right? Oh, so it’s not so this is a big educational moment. I need a close up . So just playing. Of just playing. So picture, if I told you that, When you exhaled. Yep. That was the co2. So let’s break that down into elements. Carbon and oxygen. Yes. And if I told you that focal TV was actually electrifying by a static radiation, that CO2 that you emitted, crystallizing the carbon and allowing the oxygen to bond to another nitrogen so you can have air in. Your air that you exhaled became the dust that was on that tv. Interesting. Science 1 0 1, it’s Dr. Leo Alexander, founder, CEO of No, Dani. I enjoyed this moment with you, brother. It’s been good. No, been good. Thank you.

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