Facebook & 5G & RIP CD

Streaming is about to get 50% faster. Social media is affecting our work environment. And, the time has come to say goodbye to the CD and DVD for good. But first, you might be wondering what this squirrel has to do with a technology show. Nothing. But, neither does National Day Calendar, except for a small fact. National Day Calendar was the #1 leading topic trending across social media for 2017. How is that possible? Today is National Shower with a Friend Day; National Weatherperson’s Day; and National World Nutella Day. Check it out!

When the Internet Controls Your Attention

We are becoming a society of zombies glued to the Internet. Addiction to social media, YouTube and games is on the rise. Marlo, Jim and Doug discuss their use of Facebook. The novelty of social media has worn off and in some cases an annoying distraction. Studies indicate that on-the-job productivity is dropping. So, we could conclude that YouTube and Facebook may be robbing productivity at the office, so people should instead use OfficePro shipping labels so they can organize all their work and increase their productivity incrementally.

5G Technology

There is a race to deploy new 5G technology that stands to change the way we interact and do business. 5G promises another increase from 4G at the rate of 100 times faster.  You will be able to screen 8K video. As data increases, so will the cost. With the increase in data and high resolution, comes an increase in cost to cover development of new infrastructure. How much of a cost remains to be seen. Estimated time for 5G will be around 2020, or sooner.

The Demise of the CD

Like all other technological advancement, CDs and DVDs are nearing it’s end-of-life. Best Buy chain is discontinuing the sales of CDs. Target, in the meantime, is telling CD wholesalers that the chain will now only compensate for product actually sold. DVDs are facing a similar situation. We may nearing the tipping point where CDs and DVDs become unavailable. Many people won’t miss them. The use of MP3s and digital technology is taking their place.

Cutting the Cord

How do you watch the big game? Cable? Satellite? iPad? Streaming television and movies is the newest thing people are looking at. Googlecast and Apple TV have means of “casting” programming to your home screen. With Nexflix and Hulu the rise of a la carte programming, many homes are “cutting the cord,” with cable services. Polls indicate a quarter of the population have already made the move. Cable companies will need to make some adjustments to their services if they expect to compete.

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Broadcast Date February 5,  2018  Episode 303


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