Find your Zodiac Constellation with Vaionis Telescopes

Vaionis CEO, Cyril Dupuy with Marlo Anderson at CES 2022

Marlo: One of the problems I always have, I love looking at the stars, but using a telescope can be kind of a challenge, you know, looking through the eyepiece, trying to find the location of stars, Cyril of Vaionis has actually come up with a very, very interesting telescope. So tell us about it.

Cyril: So, we created a new generation of instruments and there is an embedded sensor, so much more sensitive than your eyes and you can use an app to control the telescopes, you just have to choose an object, for example: a galaxy, a a nebula, the moon, you click on it, and the telescope will automatically points the objects, and you will observe in live on your screen the wonderful object on the universe.

Marlo: That’s absolutely amazing. So I love looking at comets, right? Will it actually track a comet for you?

Cyril: Yes, we can. We can see the comets and all the things around really.

Marlo: That’s pretty cool. So what’s the magnification level of this?

Cyril: It depends on the product, but it’s around 50 times. To give you an idea, you can take your pictures of two times the size of the moon on the sensor and you can take pictures of galaxies at 100 million light years, so very, very far…

Marlo: Wow. Wow. Okay, very cool. Can you speak to your device to find the constellation that you’re looking for? Is there something you type in—  how does that work?

Cyril: I will show you! So, here we have Stellina, our smallest product, we have three products. This is the first one at $1,500. You just have to use an iPad or an iPhone, there is a dedicated app called singularity and when you are in the singularity, you have many objects. So you can choose by category for example, galaxies, and you will have onwards and onwards of galaxies with recommendations depending on your geolocation. You just have to click on it and click on observe. After a few seconds, it will move and after something like 30 seconds you will see the first pictures here. And the beautiful thing is the fact that minutes after minutes using the life stacking system, you will see the quality of the pictures getting better and better.

Marlo: Wow. And where can we find more information about your product?


Marlo: Alright, very good. I appreciate you being on the program today. This is Marlo Anderson your “Guru of Geek” at CES 2022.

CEO, Cyril Dupuy delivers the stars closer to our “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson with Stellina an outstanding telescope that lets you navigate the galaxies at a much more easier way.

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