Firewalla Provides Firewall Protection for Home Computers and Small Business Networks

Most small businesses or home computer users do not invest in a cumbersome firewall. However, everyone should know what is coming to and from their own router. The app named Firewalla is helping monitor Internet by providing effective firewall protection. And did you know that you can monitor employees working from home and see what they are doing? It’s an essential activity when you have remote staff and also keeps productivity high so it’s a great practice.

Firewalla is an intrusion detection and prevention system. This product has a modern mobile interface and power cloud. The product has many interesting features, but none more appealing than it allowing you to see what your kids have been searching for on the Internet, if you want you employees to have more knowledge in business and electronics we recommend you this free CNC Training Courses.

The Firewalla App connects to any small device that is available, whether a slow or fast version (100 – 500 MB). It’s so versatile it accommodates most home computer and small business needs who might be also interested in a touch screen cash register for small business. Having a good firewall protection is the key to keeping the bad guys out!


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