The Good, The Bad and The Uncertain: The Futures of Fishing, Phishing and META


Taking fishing to a DEEPER level

To the traditional enjoyers of the hobby who like to catch a big game, fishing is one activity that has eluded the world of technology – frankly because it didn’t need it. All you needed was some bait, your trusty rod and you’d be good to go. However, thanks to the company DEEPER, they’ve found a way to make sure technology isn’t a hindrance to your fishing habits. Instead, it’ll make them even better. 

DEEPER employs Smart Sonar technology, you can get to see the best positions for catching fish once you connect your rod to your smartphone’s Wi-Fi connection. As surreal as that sounds, the devices do indeed use Wi-Fi and treats itself as a hotspot of sorts. This means the chances of one catching a lot of fish will drastically go up. 

We’re living in an ever-changing world where the proliferation of smart devices has been at a steady pace. We’ve seen everything from egg trays to wine bottles get off the ground and given rebirths as Internet-dependent objects. The fishing rod is just one of these everyday objects that have been given new life and hopefully, a longer shelf life and deeper potential (no pun intended). 

Way too many “phish” in the sea

From the other side of the spectrum comes the kind of fishing that is generally frowned upon and that’s fishing with a “ph”. 

Phishing, simply put, is when attackers that are up to no good pose as legitimate institutions, websites or individuals to attempt to get your information. They can be quite convincing (and more so by the day), but a thorough look at what letter, link or e-mail they might have sent can pretty much give them away. After all, the traditional phishing scam is never truly free from grammatical or spelling errors. 

Phishers work overtime and maybe even more than regular employees do, sending fraudulent e-mails on the clock in an attempt to lure unsuspecting victims. Unfortunately, the age group most affected by these scams is senior citizens, who are none the wiser that they’re being duped. Some phishers even go so far as to include e-mails or links that implant viruses on your computer without your knowledge. 

As a result, companies like Western Union have gone all-out on verification processes – even including blood samples! It’s quite the inconvenience for all of us and it’s a part of how these companies seek to shoo away scammers moving forward. Here’s to hoping that as technology and security improve, more advancements are made to keep phishers from acquiring very valuable information. 

The Zuck embraces the Meta

Facebook has been undergoing quite a reinvention the past few years. No longer having undivided attention on the social media giant alone, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has bought the likes of WhatsApp and Instagram as a means to diversify its portfolio. Its newest method of reinvention has been to fully embrace the concept of Metaverse by changing its company name as Meta. This is a move that would be met with ridicule if ever they decide to walk back on it, but it looks like the newly-christened Meta is going all the way when it comes to the Metaverse. 

This does beg the question – what is the Metaverse exactly? It’s both clearly defined yet because it’s still in its infancy, it’s something essentially limitless. The Metaverse is not too different from the concept of an “alternate universe” we see in fiction. Thanks to a wearable device such as VR goggles, we can immerse ourselves in a second reality made functional by the Internet. We can get to hang out with our friends at the park, be in the middle of the ocean with undersea life, or watch a movie in a theater-like setting without even leaving our homes. 

All eyes are on the Metaverse at the moment and the world is eagerly awaiting what its fate will be. Will it be the concept that moves the Internet – and society as a whole – forward, or will it be a flash in the pan that was simply conjured up too soon for technology to fully embrace it? Only time will tell, but for Zuckerberg and his company, it looks like it’s what they choose to be attached to (for better or for worse) for the foreseeable future.

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