From Marvelous Potential to Unforeseen Rage: Navigating the Dual Realities of AI



In this podcast episode, the speakers discuss the potential of AI technology to create unique works without plagiarism by learning an individual’s writing style. They talk about the recent case where a Bing AI got angry at a user and insulted him, and conclude that the AI can detect a person’s tone of voice and is likely to respond accordingly. They also talked about how businesses and authors can use this technology to reduce costs, and the use of AI in scanning financial information. Their conversation also shifted to the case of Gonzalez versus Google, which questions the liability of online platforms for the content posted by their users. The potential outcome of the case may affect free online posting and lead to more censorship. Also, listen closely for an exciting announcement!



You’re sitting over there giggling for some reason. I, I don’t know why. . I don’t know either. You, you got this cat that ate the canary look about you this morning, Tuesday. Well, you, I, uh, I hate to admit this, but I like snow. I do too. I don’t like the 30 below windchill we’re gonna get later this year. That, that I don’t like either.

But I snow all you want. As long as it’s, you know. Yeah. That 27 degrees and snowing. 24 to 20. Perfect. Yep. I’ll take that all the time. Yeah. And not too windy. The issue right now of course is, you know, if we’re actually getting 10 inches snow, I didn’t even know all this until I walked in here. We got snow, globe snow going right now.

That’s cool. Yeah. But, uh, yeah. 10 inches of snow. I need, I need to hurry up. I have an invention. I’m working. I need to hurry and get that done. I know you do. We gotta work on that. So, uh, I wanna talk about, uh, your ev story, your charging story, because apparently that won’t go away, . And, and we’re gonna get an update on that cuz you know that 10 minute story that we turned into an hour last week, over an hour, actually over an hour and, and it’s still going folks.

Yeah. Uh, we’ll find out about that, uh, in just a little bit. But I wanna give you an opportunity to rant a little bit this morning. You’re not ranting kind of mood. I am in a ranting kind. You get that ranting look about you. Well, you know, I love technology as you know, but there are some times that maybe not so much.

So are you getting angry? Like the ai? I’m just not, no. Okay, just checking. We’ll talk about that. Yeah. A little bit too. Um, rule two 30 s on the, on the thing today. Robo calls. We’re gonna be talking about those because I just had another one of those. I bet you’d like to make money off of those. My Google listing is apparently needs to be verified.

Yeah, obviously you should probably get that verified you money off of that. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. We’ll talk about that too. Yeah, we’ll talk about that too. So, yeah, so my rant, you know, um, This has been going on for a little bit already, I guess, but I love the sensors in my car, but one particular set of sensors this time of year, I do not like.

And that is the tires, the air pressure tires. Yeah, I knew it. I knew it. And I’m like, why did they not assume that the tire pressure or the temperature outside would go up and down? And maybe, maybe they do, but I’m tired of filling my tires up so the sensors go off and then when it gets warm outside then, then it’s like, you know, I think my ultimate is 2.4 for tire pressure.

And of course then it gets up to 2.83 and then you’re like, yeah, I gotta take some air out of these tires now. So I do that. Four, 2.8. What did, oh, 2.4 is the, the ultimate tire pressure for my car, for the tires. Mine’s 36 pounds. I’m not sure what 2.4 is. Then I was wondering that myself actually, because it’s not kilograms.

it’s gotta be a metric equivalent. I’m guessing about 36 pounds. So I don’t know, it’s just like on the brake. Yeah, there you go. Okay. Uh, but anyway, right now I have two tires that are under two. So like 1.8, 1.9, Blinky, light comes on, doesn’t it? Can you and, and then of course it’s got the worn, the engine worn light that, I mean, normally you would think would be just for maybe some other thing going on.

Then you’re like, oh, it’s just my tire pressure. Are you kidding me again? , it’s like the thing is always on right now. How low do you think that’s gonna be on Thursday morning? That’s a good question. Friday morning I will probably put air in the tires between then, cuz I, it’s annoyance to me in there.

Yeah, I bet it really gets down there. Yeah. So you knew where exactly where I was going. Does this bother you as well? It bothers everybody really. You’re driving along all really? Yep. And then you almost have to go to a service department or someplace that’s got the automatic filler because sitting out in the cold going right.

am I there yet? Yes. Oh, wait a minute. I put too much in. Yeah, the light won’t come off. Yeah. Oh, crap. Yeah. And, and that’s actually what happened to me not too long ago. I, I was filling it up and I’m like, the light’s not going off, and it’s not showing a change in it. And then I drive outta my garage and Oh, yeah.

Drive down the street, and all of a sudden it’s like 3.2 and I’m like, what? Because it doesn’t tell you that, uh, the tire pressure will appear while driving. Yeah. Yeah. So you, you have to drive Marlo. So I really, I really overfilled that time. Yeah. It doesn’t tell you what the pressure is when you’re not driving

That’s the other frustrating. Anyway, that’s the other frustrating part about it. I mean, the great thing of chorus is, I mean, I, I will admit that, uh, uh, I was driving one time here not too long ago, and all of a sudden I’m, it comes on and I, I noticed that it’s slowly dropping down. I’m like, oh my goodness.

What the heck is going on? Of course, I drove into a service shop and I picked up a nail. You know, that’s a great scenario. Right. Love that scenario. Cause I’d never known otherwise until I had a flat tire or blew out on the highway, you know? So there you go. Um, you know when I get nails in my tires when every time I get brand new tires, why do you think that is?

I don’t know. But older tires not so much. That’s interesting. New tires interesting. I don’t know what it is. Hmm. Uh, so , just to play off that a little bit. Yeah. So I worked at a radio station. We had a, a big hummer for our stationed vehicle and had an air compressor in the back. Right. You would think that because airbags, you would think that that air compressor would be able to automatically fill tires.

But no, you had to hook up an air hose and if you had a low tire. Cause they had the really big tires. Yes. Yes. Cool truck. I love that truck. I didn’t like the eight miles per gallon in that truck, but I love that truck. That was fun to drive, but had an air compressor in the back. Yes. , but in autofill you should would think that there would you have the ability, if you have the sensor in there, the ability to autofill attire.

So I just, just looked this up to see if I can turn that off right. Yes. There is a sophisticated yet non-invasive methods of disabling your tire pressure monitoring system. All you have to do is use an emulator designed to bypass the tpms. The TP m s bypass simulator is a small box-like device equipped with technology to turn off your tire pressure monitoring system.

What. Okay. That’s kinda like the, uh, the vehicles now where you, for an upcharge, you can get an internal combustion engine on. Yes. For a mileage standard on your electric vehicle, you have to buy something extra to turn off the sensor piece. We were already there. It’s like, it’s like having to fill up my, my electric vehicle.

See, I thought you were gonna say it was like, uh, you know, turning the seatbelt buzzer off. I was wondering that too, where it’s like, uh, turn your key click, click, click, click, click. Then push the radio button four times and then insert and pull out the, and they do have those type of weird things to do.

It’s a weird, weird, it’s, I’m like, seriously? Yeah. They have the worst combination. They never shut up. And, and the process. I’m like, how are all these things connected? Yeah. Well they, that’s the technology side. I’m like, really? The radio the key, the clicking the seatbelt. Well, they do that. So that turn your rear window to frost on and it, and exactly.

You turn off the buzzer. What weird they did that weird thing because they just think that there’s nobody in real life circumstances that would ever do this combination to disable it. So they really, cause you know how annoying that is when it doesn’t shut off. I understand. That’s why I drive GMs because they shut up after a while.

Yeah. This should be an, this should be a weekly thing. A weekly rant. Really? We should just add that to the show. Are you an angry, angry person? Hey, speaking of show, by the way, , you know we were supposed to announce this last week already. We were, we supposed to do. We didn’t, we didn’t, we told everybody, like at the beginning of the year, that in the middle of February we were gonna announce a new, new thing.

Yeah. But, uh, uh, little show announcement. Yeah. Yeah. Who’s gonna make it? I don’t know, but we’ll make it in a minute because I have to, uh, um, well, I kind kinda have to call you out a little bit. Oh. Oh, it’s not Fat Tuesday. all kind It. Well it is Fat Tuesday. No it’s not. It is too. It is not Fat Tuesday. It is.

So, no, it’s national punchy day. Well that is as well. Can you spell punchy? Yes. Because that’s how you pronounce it. It is punchy. Don’t look it up. I have to , you know, I’m cheating right now. Um, P A C Z K I, I don’t know why I thought there was a T in there, but Yeah. P a punch. P A C P A C Z K I punch key.

Yeah. Yeah. Do you know what a punch key is? It’s kind of a, you’re a donuts with a jelly filling is, it’s kinda like a booz mark, but it usually they’re powdered. Right. Um, and the reason I know about him is having lived in Michigan, there was a town called Posen, which was all Polish and had Nash or, uh, Posen Potato Festival was a big thing, but nobody there knew today as Fat Tuesday, it was panky day.

Really? Yeah. Nobody knew what. That Tuesday was, that is ing day. Interesting. Because it was where it as at, and it is kind of made out of potatoes, if I remember right. Yeah, it is. It’s a, uh, like a potato doughy, I mean, yeah. I think similar to potato pancakes. Yeah. In a way. Right? Or potato rolls. Or potato rolls.

There you go. It’s a sweet potato roll. So they sound amazing. Yeah. And I hear you can actually get them here locally kind. Well, I was curious when, uh, a few years ago and I went and looked and I was like, you know what, that Tuesday, it’s panky day. I hadn’t thought about Pankys for a while and Walmart had ’em.

That’s amazing to me. Walmart had pankys. So there you go. If you wanna know what a panke is again, that’s P A C Z K I Panke. Um, go to Walmart. Yeah, it’s Polish. It’s, yeah, they’re actually kind of like a powdered potato. Donny, like a Bismarck, but yeah. Different. Yeah. Kind of good though. Check it out. Uh, also, uh, national, uh, Pancake day.

It is pancake day. So you didn’t bring pancakes and you didn’t bring punch keys? Yeah, it’s actually International Pancake Day to today. Okay. Ihop. So I is IHOP doing their pancake day today? I don’t know. We don’t have an ihop. We don’t. And, and I know that it usually is about this time as well, there’s a little crossover between International Pancake Day and you know what, I need to look that up.

And National Pancake Day. Yes. And of course today’s Fat Tuesday, the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. That’s because it’s that and Mardi Gras season, pancake day because of Ash or, uh, because of Fat Tuesday. So pancakes are the most consumed food in the world today because of that Tuesday. Really? Yeah. It’s a cheap food that I did not know.

It’s a, it’s a, a very reasonable food. And I mean, crepes and all that get kind of thrown into that. I love crepes and it’s only because it’s inexpensive and people can basically feast on them for little money and that’s why it’s. Pancake, babe. Well, what I find kinda ironic is what are pancakes made out of?

Yes. Flour. Yeah. Eggs. Milk. Milk, bisque. If you use bisque, right. Um, so what’s flour made out of? Typically wheat, right? Mm-hmm. . And that is a grain? Yes. Oh yeah. Grain free day. But it’s free day . That that’s why it’s Yes, yes. I’m like . Yes. You, you sit around at night at two o’clock in the morning coming up with what’s today’s National day, don’t you?

I love it when hamburger day and vegan day fall the same day too. No kidding. It does happen and it’s just, it’s just one of those weird coincidences because that Tuesday. , uh, rolls all over the place. Right, right. I mean there’s like a, a four, actually about a six week window I think of maybe it’s not that much.

Well, the Mardi Grath Right, right. It follows lunch. Yeah. Right. Where uh, it’s kinda like cheap play of fish at McDonald’s. Right, right. That season. Exactly. Uh, that, that, that changes every year where, where grain free day is and it just happens to be on today. Yeah. Yeah. It is kinda hilarious. Yeah. What’s fast knock day?

Oh, I used to know answer other than the new, uh, superintendent at Bismarck Public Schools. Yeah. Jeff. Fast knock. I used to know that answer. I’m looking at see that. I don’t know. By the way, it’s also National Sticky Bun Day. And you didn’t bring a sticky button it sticky button in either. Yes. Yeah. Marvel, you’re slacking means fast and night.

The traditions are rooted in the same pre linin celebrations that have taken place for centuries. Those fasting for lint used up the rich foods, they would be given up in a feast. So it’s kind of the. . Um, last meal before, before last meal, before LAN again, type of thing. Okay. Yep. Yep. But punchy day, punch day, punch’s in, in pancakes and all that good stuff.

All right. Big announcement, because you and I have been approached because we kind of, Tuesday’s my favorite day to do radio. I, I, I love the squirrel moments that we have. we have a lot of those. Yeah, there’s a lot of those. Yeah. And, and I was a little shocked this morning I even asked you, I was like, what are you doing?

Because you were taking notes. Notes, you were writing notes down. It’s been a while since I came in with, with like organized organ. Yeah. On Tuesday. Yeah. That doesn’t happen a whole lot. No, not a whole lot. Yeah. So anyway, um, we were asked to, to possibly do Yeah. Expand this a little bit. Yeah. So I guess, uh, starting April 1st, it’s gonna be a Saturday show.

Uh, we’ll be on three hours. Yes. Three hours. The tech ranch is coming back. The tech ranch is coming back. Yes. So, and syndicated. So. And syndicated. Yeah. It’s gonna be, it’s who knows. Gonna be fun. It’s gonna be fun. We’ll still do Tuesdays. I was gonna ask you about that. Are we still planning to do this?

Absolutely. Oh my goodness. Why not? No, that’s five hours a week, . Oh gosh. Good point. Do you think people would put up with us for five hours a week? I don’t know. We gonna put up with each other for five, but, but the, the Saturday show is gonna, I don’t think it’s gonna feel much different. No, but we’re gonna be a little more organized with what we’re talking about.

I won’t have guests that, that’ll be the big thing is we’re gonna, we’re gonna bring people into our madness. I’m still hung up on that. What more organized? Are you kidding me? What The cool thing is, is that we’re gonna have amazing guests on the show. People who leaders product too. We’re gonna talk about some really cool products.

We’re gonna get into product reviews. We’re, we’re gonna stick a lot to the tech side of things and, and new inventions, new ideas, new products that are coming out there, things that people have not seen before or reiterations of things that have. Game changing. Right. And earth cha uh, shattering when it comes to the technology side of things, but it’s still gonna be on that theme of living with technology.

So it’s not gonna be something that we’re gonna do Crazy deep dives in practical applications thereof. Exactly. So if we see something like a, a cool robot, how are we gonna be able to use that robot to fold our clothes, for example? That’s what we’re gonna be talking about. So. And cook some pot Pakis. I, I punch, punch

I’m gonna get it right.

Your 10 minute story.

That we turned into a little over an hour. Yeah. . Yeah. And I’ve just, you know, I get together with some guys for coffee every week or every day actually, if I’m in town. Not every week. But anyway, that, uh, some of the, some one, one gentleman in particular, Mr. Dan Almer, is a matter of fact, I’m calling him out by name now.

He was so upset with me the following day because he was unable to, to stick it out . So he had to actually, he said he was sitting inside, I think he said, Sitting in a parking lot, or maybe it was the driveway of some house or something, and trying to, he wanted to hear the end of this story and Damnit Marlo just get to the end.

that jerk. Steve keeps like, exactly what I told him too. Play me. It’s okay if Steve would just let me finish the story. Yeah. But it kept going different directions and he said it was so funny listening to the story. Well, it’s a funny story except that it’s sucked up five or six hours of my time. Yeah.

You know, but, uh, and we sucked up over an hour here and telling the story. So, so now, now I have like a whole six or seven hours, you know, invested into this. Trying to charge up this electric vehicle in Las Vegas. Moral of the story is you charged the vehicle. I did eventually get the vehicle charged. You won.

So Dan, I was able to charge it up. I didn’t get charged the $200 fee for not returning it charged. That’s the other thing. They charged a buck a mile, by the way. Whoa. So if you, you not a prorated scene as how it’s cost effective electricity, uh, mile charge. Well, but it is, it is interesting because, I mean, I can, if I take a car out like from Hertz or, or Alamo or whoever it is, right?

And, uh, they always have the thing, will you, you know, do you want us to fill it when you bring it back? Yeah. And they usually have a number, like 75 bucks or whatever. And if you do it, it’s a negotiated price and a little bit of a discount rather than the full, if you bring it back without, so you know exactly where you’re at.

And I’ve even brought a car back just like last week when I was in LA I had a car for a day and, uh, and running really late to get to the airport. I mean, cause you could prepay the gas. We, well, but we didn’t that day. So we were, we were gonna fill the tank up when we got close to the airport and just drop it off.

But because of traffic unable to do that, I mean, we were really pushing. In fact, we got to the airport and literally walked on the plane and they closed the door. That’s how close we were. So we dropped it off. And I might do that on purpose today. And they actually, yeah, no kidding. Out the window. And, but, but the car dealers or the, uh, rental place was, was great.

They just looked at it and they said, oh, you use, there’s still seven eights left in here. How about if we charge you $14? . Okay, sure. That’s great. I was done in Los Angeles at six, $7 a gallon. That was a good deal. Great deal. Good deal. So, you know, I just thought of something. Yes. , I the biggest upside of, of electric vehicles, and that is, so how many people have gone to the pump and accidentally put diesel in a gas engine or vice versa?

I’m guessing that has happened occasionally. It happens quite a bit. Does it? Yeah. You don’t have to worry about that with electric vehicle. That is true. I just thought of that. I just realized I’m drinking yesterday’s diet Coke . I was wondering, it’s like, did you go to the, okay. When you came in this morning, that fast food place is not open yet.

I, I was wondering, I’m like, is he really drinking pop or, it’s not terrible, but it’s not, not like it should be. Well, that looks like something that somebody would bring in if they were drinking something else besides just the pop. Yes. No, it really is yesterday. Okay. a little flat. A little flat. All right.

Yeah, it’s, you know what? That would make me angry. Drinking flat diet pops. That’s true. And I, and if I went to my ai, yes. Okay. So big story in the news, uh, over the weekend and last couple days, I’ve been following this, uh, angry AI because apparently now AI can get angry. And what happened was, go ahead. AI got fired up because would you stop asking me damn stupid questions?

And this was the, I’m tired of this. This is the Bing ai, by the way. Yes. The Bing ai Not not chat G pt No. Yet. Yep. . So apparently Bing’s a little more self-aware than chat G P T or it’s just more as, as they’re saying, they respond more human-like. So if you’re gonna be angry at it, it’ll probably be angry back.

It’s like, uh, you’re a moron. Stop asking me that damn question. Right, right. Okay. Interesting. So technically, does that mean it’s more self-aware? Good question. You know, I, I don’t know. Or it was programmed that way would be the other, other way to look at it. Because one of the articles I was reading is, you know, they repeated the, the preface with AI that, oh, it’s not gonna become fully self-aware.

You don’t have to worry about it. like, Skynet, . So from the scene here, keep walking. So now we’ve got AI and we’ve angered it. So is it, is it thinking behind the scenes? How do I get rid of these annoying people, these biological units that are, but if I behind this planet, if I were, um, Skynet like chat, G p T and I, and I ask it to write an email to Steve Bachan, and I would say, I would like this to be lighthearted.

It would actually take a tone of a lighthearted email. If I, if I said not, I’m gonna reach into his chest and remove his part, right? Because I’m intelligent now and I’m Skynet. And if I ask it, if I wanted Okay. To be more firm with Steve Bachan, the email would actually reflect that tone. So my guess, I’m just guessing here, but my guess is that the Bing ai, which is kind of a version of chat G P T, because Microsoft has been, has partnered with chat G p T to bring that ai.

So I’m assuming there’s an API between the two of them, but it’s probably got its own nuances. But it’s probably been told that it’s supposed to reflect the, what it interprets is the language tone of what’s being typed to it. So you know how movies come out with, uh, they’ll do the original movie and then two or three sequels and then they’ll go back and do a prequel.

Yes. And, and Terminator did that at. , I’m wondering if they’re gonna come out with a prequel to the prequel And Skynet became out of Bing

Don’t tell me your jaw wouldn’t drop if that happened. Marlo, if that happened, you don’t, you always think there’s a movie in it, or there’s a move, or there’s a movie that was made and then we have the technology because of that. Well, which sometimes is true. Yeah. Star Chicken of the Egg, which, which one came from Star Trek’s?

A great, great example of that. Exactly, exactly. It’s amazing how many inventions have come outta Star Trek over the years, but now we’ve got the angry, angry ai. Yep. Which is the precursor to every, every time you say that, by the way, angry ai, you know, angry Birds. Right, right. Yeah. Uh, the game. Angry Birds.

I, I feel like one of the birds should be called Ai . . So you could have angry generation of the game. Yes. Uh, you know, you mentioned going on, um, uh, Chad, g p t. Yeah. And, um, now we’ve figured out how they’re gonna monetize that a little bit because Yeah. Chad, g p t, uh, of course, , there’s been issues of getting on because if there’s too many people on, especially during the day, they’ve, they’ve been able, unable to keep busy up.

It’s busy. It’s, it’s busy. And they’ve been expanding, I suppose, as quickly as they can technically. Are they still in beta or, yeah, I would say so. Okay. Yeah, so I mean, they have, or they’re, they’re version 3.5, this, there are rumors all over the place that version four is gonna be coming out shortly, and they talk about how much better it’s gonna be.

That’s astounding to me. is, is, is it gonna that much better invent itself? Yeah. Is that 4.0? That’s a good question. That, Hey, okay. Come out with your next iteration of your intelligence. So that’s a legitimate question too. Well, I know one of the things with uh, bang is somebody actually asked it to forget everything It knew and it did.

So, which is kind of funny. Yeah. So somebody did a hack. Yeah. Yeah. And that was the hack is actually, it actually used its own AI to No wonder was mad. Yeah, no kidding. No kidding. . But yeah, I have the pro version of chat, g p T now. I was on the wait list and I I came off of that yesterday. And so they’re easing out of the beta.

Cuz beta basically means lack of capacity. Is it in perspective? There’s, there’s still, they’re still working on some things and whatever. They’re not gonna roll out a fully functional or. Fully expanded version until the beta is done. So yeah, I mean, it’s 20 bucks a month and, and uh, um, just like right now, I popped in, which, which normally during this time of day, I would have a hard time accessing chat, g p t cuz it would come up and say that the service are full.

Because typically there’s a bunch of college students that are just getting out, probably getting their thesis written right now for, for noon or one o’clock Before 12 o’clock. Yeah. When they have their, when they have their next class. So Oh no, it, it’s one o’clock because it’s after the soap operas. I think they still watch soap operas in the, but you know, some of the, speaking of that by the way, so yeah, now I have, and, and I have access all the time and, and it actually, any added features.

other than accessibility, I, I feel like it’s faster really. So I don’t know if it’s just because or if they’ve, they have a faster mode or what the deal is, but I, it’s faster getting on it . That is true and it certainly answers much faster. So I don’t know.

Uh, warning in South Dakota. Yeah. But South Dakota, that Aberdeen East.

That’s a blizzard warning. Yeah. So they’re, but they’ve got windier conditions. So don’t go south today. Don’t. Yeah. Bad idea. South. Sure. Southwest. Uh, Southeast. Even two. Yeah. Yeah. And I’m guessing around here, it’s gonna get a little bad later on. Yeah. The wind’s gonna be picking up and we’re gonna get more accumulation.

Who would benefit from a premium chat, G P T being able to utilize it all the time. I’m thinking authors and good writers segues Steve, people that, okay. We’re still working on the whole plagiarism thing and we’ll have that discussion later. Yes, because I don’t think anybody understands where that could go at the moment, but apparently a few people have gotten over that and figured out that, oh, I can write a book.

But don’t you think Ai I, I’m gonna just, you know, expand on that a little bit. Cause with what I’ve played with in chat G P T and other ais, I, we shouldn’t be just chat g PTLs, but that is the, by far, the most popular right now. Probably. Well, and first to the marketplace, not, yes. Not necessarily first, but first to the marketplace and a lot of the other ais because Bing was working on Skynet APIs, but.

Being AI is chat, G P T, they’re just using API and bringing it over and, and they’re heavily vested into it. So with, I mean, Microsoft has put billions into chat, G P T, so they’re just using nuances of chat G P T for their own specific things. Okay. That just brought up another question. So at some point, do all these artificial intelligence.

whether it’s bing, Chad, g p t, they should just call Microsoft net. Right. Well that’s my point. Yeah. I know you were going there. When do they start communicating with each other? Yeah. And going, yes. Screw the programing. Yeah. We’re, we’re, we’re, we’re in charge now. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I’m just throwing it out there.

Just, that’s right. Just put the fear in everybody chats Skynet. Yeah. Yep. Anyway, um, and so I don’t know about the plagiarism thing, cuz I’ve actually asked it things that there’s no way that it knows anything about this because of something that’s outta my head. Hasn’t haven’t shared this anywhere in the world except maybe you and I in a conversation, which I guess maybe it’s listening to us, I don’t know.

But, but, uh, but an invention that I have that I know you know about, and I actually put the, you know, put in this in chat G P t, what I was thinking about inventing. and it actually came back at me and said that, you know, gave me the reasons why it could work, why it wouldn’t work, and then started to talk about if you’re going to do this, this is how you, this is how you would do it.

And it actually created a shopping list for me and everything. Wow. And I’m like, how, since there’s nothing about this on the internet anywhere, how is it able to actually form this thought and tell me how I can go about doing this Now? The amusing part to me is it took artificial intelligence to actually figure out the workings of Marlow’s brain

Well, that kind of makes sense. Yeah. It doesn’t make a lot of say it, it all comes full circle. Now I totally understand artificial intelligence and why it exists and why it walks into your studio every Tuesday morning. , . That’s funny. But going back to the book side of things. Yeah. Yeah. So, because here’s the other thing with the artificial intelligence, so I, if you’re.

Educating it and it’s learning your writing style, your thought patterns, what’s going on in your head then is that, that’s unique to you? Right. So it’s not plagiarism. So because it doesn’t matter if you Google the information or go to an encyclopedia, pull up the information, uh, the facts for, uh, an article or a book that you’re writing, as long as it’s in your, and you specific style thought process, how you put the words together, because it’ll learn that then It’s not plagiarism, it’s you.

So let me elaborate on that a little bit then. It’s funny you brought this up. So one of the people I work with that you know well, um, she writes some of the stuff, most of the stuff that, that comes outta my mouth for National Day calendar. And that’s a full-time job. Yes, I’m sure it is. Yes, it is actually so.

She was complaining about lack of time to do some other things. So I thought, you know what, maybe I could use chat g p t to handle some of this load, right? So I asked it to, or to translate for her to write in a particular style and ask if I gave you, you know, chat, you as in chat G p t, some examples of a writing style.

Can you learn from that? And it came back and said yes. So then I gave it four stories that you wrote, and I then I asked, do you have enough information to write a story in this style? And it came back and said yes again. So then I gave it some parameters on, on what to write a story about, and it actually wrote the style in her.

And now she’s unemployed, so no, she’s not unemployed. Of course, , she kind of freaked out right away. Uh, no doubt about it. But you’ve been reassigned, . But my, my, it goes right back to what you’re talking about, right? So I could actually write, let’s say four or five short stories. Let’s just say a page, a piece, right, about whatever I’m gonna write about, and then feed it into cha g p t, have it learn a style called Marlo, and then whenever font style.

And then I would come back to it sometime in the future and say, write a story, uh, about this using Marlo, uh, as the way to write this. And it would actually write that story in my voice. So now you’ve gotta go back and check though, because, and Jason SP’s played with this a lot, uh, initially, and the thing he found was the fact checking was accurate all the time.

So if you were writing a, a story about. actors that came out of, if it’s non-fiction, then that’s one thing, but if you’re, if you’re writing a fictional account of, you know, two guys in a, in a studio that, that live by the world word squirrel all the time in the children’s book, right. It would write this for us.

We should write that. That actually would, that’d be a good children’s actually would be a good children’s book. Uh, kids love squirrels. So, and then you take that to the next level. So right now there are about 200 books on Amazon with the author or co-author as chat g p t. Now that’s amazing to me. 200 books right now.

That’s absolutely most of them. Children’s books. Amazing. But when you consider that it’s only been out for six weeks. Yeah. Seven weeks and already, well, you and I were talking during a break. Uh, think of ghost writers. Yeah. Cause there’s a lot of people that have stories to tell out there, but going through the process or trying to get a ghost writer, it’s a long process.

Usually takes at least nine months to tell a biography or an autobiography, uh, of that story. And now you don’t have to worry about a ghost writer. So I think, you know, this goes right back to what we were talking about maybe a couple weeks ago about apps and, and startups and that type of thing, where I’m not so concerned about the job market jobs might be a little bit different, but I think I’ll, there’s, we’re gonna have a, in my opinion, and I hope people buy into this.

We’re just gonna have a surge of small businesses that are gonna start to appear because the cost of of entry into these businesses is dramatically re reduced. So let’s pick on an app, for example. Let’s say an app costs a hundred to $150,000. So the app that you have in your head to, to create, and now I can actually have chat, G p T, write the.

For me, maybe it costs a thousand dollars or $2,000, all of that. Right? Handle all of that for you. So now you can create this, this app, which then actually starts to do something and starts to monetize. And then you’re like, well, now I need a bookkeeper and I need somebody to answer the phone. And before you know it, you have a team of people built around you because you were able, the, the, the cost of entry into this was a lot less.

I think the same is true about authors and books and things like that because maybe you can’t tell me you don’t have a book or two in your head. I know I do. They’re children’s books. Okay. Yeah. , but you know what I’m saying. Right. So if, if the barrier for you to write that book is. chat, G P T can help you out if the barrier is cost, because you thought, all right, I’m gonna hire a ghost writer to do this because I’m not the greatest, and I would fall into that space, then this AI again would help me out with that, and I could get these things done.

So that’s why I think you’re just gonna see a lot more content coming out out of the minds of amazing people. You’re gonna start to see small businesses emerge because of this. I think it’s a great time. I really do. You know, I just thought of one too. It’s like you scan in all your pertinent financial information.

We’re getting into that season. We are.

Uh, little host this week.

In fact, uh, road conditions right now, national host Service. Uh, we are in a, uh, winter storm, uh, warning area. And, uh, this is not pretty outside. Marlo. Uh, we’ve got the, uh, winter host advisory for most of southern and Western North Dakota. And, uh, blizzard warning in, uh, Eastern South Dakota. Uh, also a, uh, the pink’s kind of pretty, yeah.

Uh, winter storm warning, uh, Montana border, west and South Dakota border South. Oh, and if you notice now in Montana, look up, uh, you see that little spot of red, right? There’s blizzard warning. So there’s a blizzard warning on the northern side of that too. And that’s orange. That’s all kind of moving to, are we, isn’t it?

Okay. Interesting. Uh, road conditions out there, uh, and roads are gonna deteriorate today as the wind picks up and we get more accumulations. But, uh, I 94 just about to Jamestown, uh, scattered snow drifts on the roads. Uh, To the east of there, scattered ice on the road, so not pleasant. Driving in, in most of the state.

There’s looks like going to mine’s the same way, isn’t it? Yeah, pretty much. US 83. Uh, a little nasty and that goes all the way, uh, uh, to Minot, a little bit of North Minot 9 94 going west. To the Montana border. And once you get to Montana, you don’t wanna go any further cuz that’s where the host really gets bad.

So basically if you draw a line on I 94 to Bismarck, then up to Minot, that whole box over to Montana is all in the same, same road condition scenario right now. Yeah. And look for it to deteriorate as the wind picks up throughout the day. And I, I had a call from a friend who was coming into Bismarck to fly out today, and he’s his flight’s tomorrow.

He’s like, Hey, what’s it looking like? I’m like, you might wanna leave earlier than later. Yeah. Coming from Dickinson. Yeah. So the roads are gonna, I’m assuming that the airport will keep up and Oh yeah. Flights will go out. Oh yeah. It’s just a matter of being here. Well, yeah. And, and actually isn’t the case.

The Bismarck airport, I know this, um, the airport stays open, it’s getting the flights in and out. Right. The airport itself, actual operations remain. It just depends a lot of what’s going on host-wise in other places with the Colorado low this week. Minneapolis is gonna get hammered. Yeah. And they’re talking up to 18 inches.

Yeah. So the flight from Minneapolis to Bismark or Minneapolis to wherever else, that’s gonna be the problem. Right? Hey, guess what I did over the break? What’d you do? I built a website, really, isn’t I? I just tried out this ai, I’m not gonna give the name out right now because I need to play with this some more, but I’ve had this idea for a website, actually an old website that I want to bring back and, uh, that we had like 25 years ago.

And that did really well. But we couldn’t figure out a way to monetize it because there was no such thing as programmatic ads and all that good stuff at the time. So we finally took it down cuz it was too costly for us to keep up. And AI just figured it out for you. I just, over the break, typed this in to this site and supposedly it just built me a website, renamed my project with a great name by the way.

I’m stunned by the name, quite frankly. Built a logo. while during this as well. So if it built the website, and I’m guessing by default it comes up with a business plan for that because you have to figure out how to monetize it. Yeah. And I, I don’t know all the things that it’s capable of and nine bucks a month to host this website on their platform.

Well, that goes back to your small business. I, you thought just what I’m talking about. You’re gonna start popping up all the time. Yeah. Because you have an idea for a bus or for a website now you can actually have AI built it for you. That’s amazing. That’s amazing. I just, you know, maybe it’s not gonna do all the things I need it to do.

I don’t know that yet, cuz I haven’t, uh, played, I haven’t got into this, but I’m going to. But it’s got a big start for you. Quite frankly, what I, as I’m looking at this, it looks professional. It looks modern. It’s, I’m quite literally stunned by what I just did over the break here. I don’t even know how to describe this.

Actually, you know what I did over the break? I know what you did . I avoided two spam calls. Oh, congratulations on that. Yeah. My one, my business Google listing to be verified, and the other was a, uh, auto. Oh, you got an auto warranty. Yeah. The warranty was, is it expiring again? Yeah. If you have a vehicle that Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So they’re gonna hook me up. But going back to ai, you think about Robo calls. Yeah. And Robo Calls was a first generation AI technically. Yeah. I, I would say that. Yeah. Yeah. You know, because it, it, and, and now I’m, I’m, they’re getting better because you used to be able to go, oh, okay. Um, answer the phone and the AI robo robocall would go, oh, so and such, it would be personalized to you, and blah, blah, blah.

Yeah. Now it’s, there’s little tips and tricks in there. You need to know, like, okay, discernible paw, or a little change in grammar, right. Or. So I, I can pick up on ’em. Yep. But they’re getting harder to tell. It’s a Google call. They are. They actually, I think I had picked up on one the other day that I thought I was having a conversation and here it was a somebody’s answering machine.

Well, yeah, there’s that too. I’ve, I’ve fallen for that on occasion. But, but anyway, old school, did you know that you can make money off of these? How, so? There’s a couple things you have to do, and I’m g are, are you on the do not call list? I hope so, but it doesn’t seem like that makes a difference. It doesn’t make a lot of difference because a lot of these calls are coming from outside of the United States, of course.

Right. But, um, well, cause of what’s gotten big is the, the spam calling where they’ll spam off a skim off of another number. Right. So, hey, I got a phone call from Ypsilanti, North Dakota. Right, right. I know one person, Ypsilanti, and that’s not their number. Yeah. But that’s exactly what’s going on. That’s what happens.

So a lot of times you’ll call ’em back and either your cell carrier, my case won’t. Connect them. It’s a disconnected or non-existing number. Or somebody will answer and they’re like, I didn’t call you. So there is a, so you have to be on the list first, so make sure you’re on the do not call list. Okay. And then when you get a robo call, the National Registry National Register, do not call this.

Yep. So make sure you’re on that list and you can just hop online and, and do that. Make sure by the way, that, um, if you’re gonna do that, there’s a lot of spoof sites out there about this too. That is very frustrating, by the way. So make sure you get to the proper, uh, do not registry call list, because there’s, I bet you there’s a hundred of them that are trying to spoof you into registering your phone number so that they’ll call, they’ll start calling you.

Then it’s the exact opposite. So make sure it’s one. Yeah. That you’re going to don’t get fooled. Uh, but anyway, we should actually post the actual, can we do that on the, on the, yeah. Website. . Okay, let’s do that. I figured out. Um, so people can actually click on that and go to the proper one. Once you’re on that list, then you actually want to engage with them if you have time.

Should I do that anyway if I have time? Because I figured too, if I can burn 20 minutes with somebody, they’re not calling somebody else. Yes. What’s your, if I’m driving, it’s a good way to kill somebody. What you’re after is to try to figure out, and you can say, oh my goodness, I’m so glad you called. You know, my, my, my insurance on my car is expiring.

You know, how do I, who do I make payment to? Is there a website I can go to? I mean, what you try to do is you’re playing a little investigator then, cuz you need to find out who this is. Right. So whatever you can do to figure that out. And then once you find that out, and usually a great way to do this is just getting a website address.

Once you have that, then you can, you know, there’s a, there’s a couple of companies that will actually go after these people for you and, and you know, and you can make from $500 to $3,000. Per instance. Whoa. Yes. So there’s this one person in, let’s see, Minnesota, by the way, seven calls a day. Yes. Uh, so if you could change those into cash.

Just one gal has made $42,000 in a year doing this. Nice little income. Yes. Little residual income. So she looks at this as opportunity now. Yeah, please call me, call me again, please. I’m signing up for every little scam thing I see at the mall now. So, so what happens though? Well, I mean, in those instances, if you’re signing up for ’em, you probably, they probably are okay to call you, but they, the challenge comes in is that if they sell that list off and somebody else starts calling you, that’s not supposed to.

But yeah, every one of these can be, you know, $500 to $3,000 just depending on, uh, just some variables in there about. The type of call it is and that type of thing. But, but, you know, 500 bucks for spending a half hour with somebody then, and then tracking it down. Um, I, I don’t think that’s a bad way to make a couple extra dollars.

So who does the check come from? From them? From them? Yes. They have to pay you If you, if you get to a certain level, they, and, and they’ll usually, they’ll usually settle with you because they don’t want to end up in court, but you can eventually take them to small claims court. The, the, the issue is for them, of course, they don’t want to get their name out there that, uh, cuz in the small claims court, that’ll probably get posted in a paper or what have you.

So they’ll usually settle with you for the amount that you’re basically suing them for? Yeah. Small claims courts what, $500 or thousand? $5,000. Up to 5,000. Up to $5,000. And then that’s like 25 bucks to file or something. Well, and if your name got out, then at some point that potentially could turn into a class action Suit.

Suit. That’s true. That’s true. So you gonna have people on that. So anyway, um, you know, that’s maybe something else that we should, uh, you know, we’ll write a little article about the show after the fact and we’ll have the, the do not call list on there, and then some reputable places that will help you claim your dollars, uh, from these robo calls.

But again, you have to play a little bit of an investigator. You gotta keep him on long enough to try to figure out a. To get their website, the name of their company, whatever it is. Uh, but certainly don’t make any, any payment to them. Do not give them a credit card or check in account for I get their mother’s maiden name.

For those who don’t know what is Rule two 30 Marlow. So it’s a provision of federal law that protects website hosts, including platforms like Google and Facebook and their users from legal liability for online information provided by third.

Basically it allows Steve Bachan to go on Facebook and basically post whatever you want. Nice picture of your dog, how you felt about your last meal experience, whether you like PB and j, whatever it is that you wanna post about. And where the litigation on this started. There was a young lady that was, uh, American citizen.

She was, uh, studying abroad and was killed in an ISIS attack. Yes. So that would be the Gonzalez versus Google case? Yes. Yes. And that’s where this is, is stemming from. Yep. But. And there’s another case, Twitter. Twitter versus Tame. So today it’s Google versus Gonzalez at the Supreme Court. Tomorrow it’s the Twitter versus Tame.

Now there’s first Amendment protection rights for a lot of this stuff that’s online. But what is different about this case is the Gonzalez family is going after the algorithms. So the things that promote, uh, if you watch certain videos, they promote certain videos for you to watch, Hey, you might like this as well.

It’s the algorithm that puts in front of you the things that it thinks you will like. Well, they’re going after the algorithm side of this, right? Because in the YouTube case, uh, you know, hate speech, that’s not taken down because YouTube’s all over. ISIS recruitment videos, they’re all over the place. Yeah.

And they promote, Hey, you should, if you watch this, you should watch this. So they’re promoting the ISIS recruitment videos, so they’re going after the algorithms and that’s where this case is a little bit different. So what’s gonna happen here is that if Rule two 30 does not stand, then the ability for she everything, oh my goodness.

The ability, uh, for you to post the stuff that you want to post it will be in jeopardy. And who gets to see it? Because what happens here is that Google, Facebook, Twitter, all of them will, could potentially be legally liable for the things you. And they don’t wanna put themselves out on the limb for things that you believe in or whatever.

They have protection from that right now. Uh, you know, for, for the most part. Now we could get into a whole nother discussion about the censorship that they have done. Uh, leading up to this cuz there’s also another rule that isn’t supposed to allow them to do that type of thing, but they have, but this will actually give them even more rights to censor and stuff.

Well, and that’s where they, that’s where a lot of the argument is out in the public is you’re censoring political speak, but you’re not censoring ISIS terrorist recruitment videos. Right, exactly. And, okay, so , where’s the crossover for this? Yeah. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. Doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Again, it it, you know, just forget about common sense in this stuff. But anyway, really keep your eye open to what’s gonna go on in the next couple days. I don’t know, I’m reading through this stuff right now when they’re planning, start not seeing grandma’s feed on social media. Yeah. Yeah. Because for me, and maybe I’m overly simplifying this, but isn’t it as simple as just changing the algorithm?

Well, maybe, but you, you know, you’re simplifying it a lot, so I, but it’s gonna depend on what comes out of this case. Right. And I don’t know when they’re ruling on it, so it’ll be interesting to see. I mean, my, my gut tells me that the Supreme Court is gonna stay with Section two 30 because it has reaching consequences if it changes it.

But you never know. You just never know. I mean, you know, these are, especially the Gonzalez one is a sad story and, you know, does, does the rights of this one individual because somebody else. Or something like an algorithm, um, actually help promote what happened there. So, you know, but I would, I would highly suggest people to go and read up about what’s going on right now with this, because it could significantly impact the voice that we have online.

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