Grow Plants Anywhere with Hexagro

Alessandro Grampa with Marlo Anderson at CES 2022

Marlo: Thinking about growing something at home. While I’m thinking hexa grow might be the way to go. Alessandro, co founder of Hexagro, tell me a little bit about what you have here.

Alessandro: So we are right in front of the living farming tree. This is our product and technology what we do is that we develop different modular components for urban farming so that we’re building a pop up a platform for urban farming, everything runs on its own. There are sensors down here and up here to monitor air quality. And in the meantime, you have LED lighting here you will see in just a second Oh, here we go. And then we using eye pressure aeroponics which is different from hydroponics. So the plants in here they don’t have water as you see there is just a spray that comes out. This is 40% more efficient in hydroponics. 98% more efficient than traditional soil growing.

Marlo: Okay, okay, so how big of a module can you make? I mean, is this is this standard size? Are you thinking about much larger

Alessandro: all of these components are very modular. So right now you’re looking at the medium configuration of the living farming tree does more one would be like with the four of here without the tree on top, and then you can make it even bigger.

Marlo: Okay, so each each layer has its own lighting and all of that what have you grown in these so far? So right

Alessandro: now we’ve been testing everything from roots, vegetables, potatoes and stuff to Yeah, that’s sweet. That’s the beauty of aeroponics because we hydro you cannot make root vegetables with aeroponics you can and then we have leafy greens aromatic plants back in Europe we are very focused on medicinal plants so that you can just harvest them and enjoy them in a tea or some other kind of neck at office or at home

Marlo: the amount of time it takes for you to actually mature plants. Yeah, does it increase as you’re growing potatoes I mean, yeah, it’s 90 days for it before it can be ready to harvest is it 60 days with this are so

Alessandro: definitely faster it is fast. I can tell you for leafy greens, for instance, from seed to harvest, we take in about 1820 days. Okay, so it’s like four times faster.

Marlo: Oh, my goodness. Yeah. And it’s just because you’re in a controlled environment.

Alessandro: It’s because of aeroponics is because of LED lighting. Everything is very optimized. And then we have a mixture of nutrients and water like organic nutrients, so everything is like pop up in boosting.

Marlo: Amazing and where do we find more information

Alessandro: so you can look it up on our website? It’s x with the H and x in the middle.

Marlo: Yes. And thank you so much. I’ll check it out everybody. This is your “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson at CES 2022.

Growing has never been easier, no matter where you are. Lead of Business Development, Alessandro Grampa shows our “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson how they developed their product and made growing your favorite plants at your own space much more easier.

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