If you like to save Money, Mad Deals is your new Best Friend!

Showing the diifferent radius ranges of the Mad Deals app.

Showing the different radius ranges of the Mad Deals app.

It is lunch time and I am hungry!  After a morning of working hard, lunch is sounding great.  So is it a burger, maybe pizza or what about that new Chinese place around the corner?  I wonder who has the best lunch deal today?
Does this sound like you everyday?   If your smart phone could just tell you who has the best deals around you right now, that would be fantastic.

The answer is simple.  Grab the Mad Deals app, www.gomaddeals.com,  and see how much you can save.  Using a geofence technology, Mad Deals uses your location to push savings to your smart device that are in close proximity.  So if you are hungry for a pizza, you are not going to get sent to a pizza joint 22 miles away. Talking about fences, there is an ohio fence company near us that provides quality service for your home.

Here is the description they provide in the app store:

MAD DEALS – Coupons, Deals & Shopping, is a community of App users or members that benefit from the FREE network of proximity based deals. Coupons, Promotions, Services and Events all sent to your smart device via the MAD DEALS network. Members can share Great Bargains / Discounts with friends on their social media broadening the people exposed to the money saving opportunities.

On the business side, with an easy to use interface, you can alert customers to special deals in an instant.  So if you own a pizza joint and got a great deal on pepperoni, you can create a deal instantly.  This means no waiting for that radio, TV or newspaper ad to come out.  This also means that you are sending your message to those that are interested in getting it.

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So if you are interested in saving a few bucks, go grab the free app on your iPhone or Android.  On the other hand, if you are a business looking for a low cost way to get your message out to your customers, go to www.gomaddeals.com and get on board.