Interactive Projection with Abusizz

Lukas Julen with Marlo Anderson at CES 2022

Marlo: This is kind of an amazing product. Because, you know, first of all, it handles lighting. It’s a speaker, but on top of it, it has projection to a table and Lucas is standing next to me alysus Am I saying that right? Yeah. All right, man, I see I’m on the board here. Now. I mean, I could if I wanted to look up news or whatever, I could do that. Play a little entertainment. But I’m betting the basis around this as the games, isn’t it?

Lukas: Yeah, you’re on the point. So like, we try to mix every, you know, like part of use cases together, you can play a little game, you can go back, you can check out the news to just like inspire the conversation, right? Then you can go back and talk about something more serious. So to say. So, in the b2b context, you can do a little presentation, you can take out your phone, connect your phone to the to the table,

Marlo: just so we clarify this. So and everybody understands. This is not a touchscreen. It’s actually a projector. Absolutely. So you can’t even go ahead and try to touch your pad right now. I just want to prove nothing’s going on. Right. And while ah,

Lukas: and we can even do this. So there we go

Marlo: There we go. Yes. Right. So it’s an interactive projection that’s going on here, as well. Like you said, a light and a speaker outside of the game thing. Do I see this in kitchens? Yeah, right. You know, people who are have recipes that they’re creating, or whatever, right? I mean, just to have that ability to maybe watch somebody while they’re cooking something. So you have almost an instant tutorial in front of you. would be amazing as well. I mean, it’s just,

Lukas: I really couldn’t endless. Sorry. You can already do that. Because just go to entertainment. Click on our YouTube app. And you get your recipe here, right.

Marlo: That’s exactly what I’m thinking. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Very, very cool. And it works on pretty much any light counter.

Lukas: Yeah, pretty much. The brighter the surface, the better. Yep.

Marlo: Is this available on the market already? Absolutely. And where can we find it?

Lukas: Obviously, it’s let’s see. Ah,

Marlo: Lucas it’s been a pleasure. This is your “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson at CES 2022.

Co-founder and CEO, Lukas Julen introduces to us Abusizz and shows our “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson how to interact with it on a table surface.

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