Is Facial Recognition Going Too Far and a Great Way To Watch The Stars.


Skywatch takes the stars to the next level

If you are a fan of stargazing and cool evenings out admiring the night sky, the Skywatch app is tailor-made just for you. It goes above and beyond your typical Camera app with its Night Mode, as Skywatch can tell you names of specific stars, constellations and even highlight debris that’s present in the sky (coming from rocket ships or otherwise). An app like Skywatch has made its way onto Marlo’s recent favorites and it shows how far technology has really come and how it can aid various experiences. Skywatch’s success begs the million-dollar, galaxy-spanning question: are we closer than we think to an app that tracks down UFOs?

Could USB-C be the proverbial thorn on Apple’s side?

Introduced in 2017, USB-C has been a preferred standard for most phone manufacturers when it comes to the charging port they implement. Apple remains a big company despite not conforming to this and still having their own dedicated port for their phones and other devices. However, the European Union has a new ruling that by 2024, all devices must have USB-C ports. This means Apple has to play ball or else risk getting banned from such a huge market – an entire continent, even. It’s hard to say if governments should get involved in matters such as this that stifle innovation, but for the sake of compatibility and convenience, maybe the EU made the right call for this specific instance. 

Elon Musk vs. The Twitter Bots!

Tech mogul and Tesla CEO Elon Musk made headlines for his plan to buy social media giant Twitter. He’s mentioned his desire in the past to turn into a  virtual “town square”, however that might not come to fruition at all. Twitter has told Musk there are around 230 million bot accounts on the site, however in Musk’s eyes, Twitter refuses to give more accurate numbers and the reality is there could be much, much more. With such a rocky, high-profile start to the relationship, we may not see Musk and Twitter’s board coexist for long. 

Axon’s newest concept gets “tased out

With the recent string of mass shootings and uncalled-for loss of life that comes with it, Axon had taken it upon themselves to develop a drone that has both facial recognition and tasing capabilities. If successful, Axon believed that this could help curb said shootings and disarm any perpetrators in a quick fashion. The potential was certainly there for this drone to also make its way to nightclubs and other public places. However, it appears as if this concept is no longer in the cards as Axon’s ethics board has resigned from their position. The idea was divisive in itself and attracted great controversy so the plug was pulled. However, did it deserve to get axed? And how long should we wait for a device like this to become a reality without any controversy in its wake?

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