Is Target really to blame for the recent theft of Credit Card information? E-Cigarettes, Website Marketing, Dragonfly drones and much more on the Tech Ranch.

Delfly Dragonfly Drone

Delfly Dragonfly Drone

In-studio guest Nick Ressler, co-founder of Awesome 2 Products and Zoovio, Inc. (, discuss the implications of the recent security breach with Target.  The Tech Ranch’s Producer Jim Walsh and the “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson try to determine who is to blame for the security breach.

E-Cigarettes are becoming increasing popular.  The discussion leads to health benefits and online sources such as Vape Genie ( to find more information.

Marketing your website can be a challenge.  The Online Marketing Princess Caroline Balinska has created video series to help.  This 5 Day Challenge is free and available at

Mr. Ressler also talks about the looming deadline for Windows XP users.  He also shares some unique ways to save and watch memories with Zoovio.

Ken Sanders from the Volt Report (  shares information about Dragonfly Drones and smog reducing bicycles.

Broadcast date Dec 23, 2013  Episode 103

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