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It’s a Photo Booth … no, it’s a Selfie Station … no, it’s a Photo Booth … Selfie Station … Photo Booth

August 12, 2014

instapicsbannerExpect to have this argument when you see the latest kiosk offering from Instapics, www.instapics.com.  Instapics has created the world’s first completely automated Selfie Station.

A Selfie Station is a Photo Booth updated with today’s technology.  With a Selfie Station, you can take great selfies with friends and family and post them immediately to social media sites and apps like PhotoMeBooth or you can email them at no cost.  In addition, you can pick from an assortment of frames to enhance the Selfie.  You also have an option to print the photo on site.

In addition, you can print any photo you have in Instagram.  So take your selfies and other photos anywhere with instagram, and when you see a Selfie Station, you can print those precious memories.

So be on the lookout as a Selfie Station is coming to a location near you.  You can also find out how to add a Selfie Station to your business location by going to their website at www.instapics.com.

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