Laser Pain Theraphy with Curavi

Fernando Bermudez with Marlo Anderson at CES 2022

Marlo: Day three of CES 2022. And I’ll tell you after after walking 30,000 steps a day at this show, my feet hurt. My back is killing me right now. And Fernando, you have an amazing device for me.

Fernando: we have a solution for you. So basically, this is a low level laser therapy device for pain management of lower back pain. So what we have here is almost 300 lasers that you would put in your back. Okay, we will turn it on, you’ll see it illuminates and we’ll put it in our back, lower back, obviously. Ideally without shirt, okay and it’s going to increase my blood flow in the area where you know it hurts. It hurts because the muscle is inflammated we’re going to decrease that inflammation and we’re going to reduce the pain

Marlo:  actually, you can kind of feel the heat a little bit.

Fernando: Yes, it generates a little bit of heat. but really the treatment is the laser. The light inside your body stimulates blood flow.

Marlo: Interesting. Interesting. So how long do I have to wear it?

Fernando: wear this half an hour and if it still hurts you can use it a little bit more.

Marlo: So there’s no side effects if they want to wear it a little longer or whatever.

Fernando: There are no known side effects. You can use it a little longer, but mainly the protocol is 30 minutes everyday whenever it hurts.

Marlo: So how do we find out more information?

Fernando: so you can find us at

Marlo: these are available right now?

Fernando: Yes.

Marlo: Absolutely. Fantastic. So go check this out everybody if you want a little relief from a little back pain. I think this is a great solution. So this is your “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson at CES 2022

Director of Business, Fernado Bermudez shows our “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson: Curavi, a new tech that helps reduce pain and inflammation on our backs.

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