Rockin’ Dave Blair is in the saddle today with “Tech Geezer” Jim Walsh. Dave brought with him a mixed bag of guests. Listen in to hear from leaders in the manufacturing, cybersecurity, and cement industries.

We are in such an era where mobile Applications allow us to do almost everything online. Just like Digital WarRoom which offers a comprehensive software tool set for processing through production, with included training. Find out why Digital WarRoom stands out among eDiscovery companies. According to our usability, there are many apps in the market letting us explore things from anywhere and at any time. In that case, securing applications and data against exploitation is a key responsibility of the App developer.“ These Apps provides services including banking, shopping, and even monitoring our business, home, and shop.”

Traditional cyber security strategies don’t provide the necessary protection for the mobile applications. Thus, every business should focus on security and customer-convenience while consumer app development process. Just as security cameras are not enough to protect a property, some people choose the services of a Security Guard Fort Wayne to ensure the safety of their property.

Mobile apps have software that connects to APIs and servers around the world. The purpose is to deliver data, services, and last but not the least value and ease to users. So, in that case, IT strategies are based on securing the network perimeter of the Application. Apart from that, they focus on attacks and disturbances with the integration of technologies like anti-virus and web application firewalls for protection and a spoofing attack for the protection of your app.

When we talk about Mobile app security the app developer need to deliver critical endpoint security to mobile apps. The online user using mobile apps that provide a better user experience or streamline operations are more exposed to a range of threats.

Therefore, businesses need to protect their mobile app users from the risk associated with business productivity. As the technology keeps on upgrading simultaneously there are numerous activities brewing to expose important information related to the user.

Impact Dakota

Tony Richards leads off the show. He is the CEO of Impact Dakota, a business consulting firm specializing in the areas of manufacturing. Tony has got the scoop when it comes to technology inside of manufacturing. Listen to find out why you shouldn’t be worried about a robot stealing your job.


Next up to bat are Gajanan and Laxmish Bhat. They are executives at iZen. iZen is a company dedicated to empowering and inspiring upcoming talent looking to join the “digital workforce.” They share why cybersecurity is so important, and how they are helping people navigate this new industry.

Ceramic Cement

Batting cleanup is Jan Levine CEO of Ceramic Cement Corporation (C3 for short). C3 produces non-toxic specialty cement for things such as the safe disposal of nuclear waste and even protection from electromagnetic pulses (EMPs). Jan shares why his company’s cement is able to do this. Find out how the specialty cement is able to protect both people and our Earth in the episode. Need erp development services for your business? Check this company’s site now.

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Episode 372 – Aired July 8, 2019

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