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Smart home technology is a fast growing market. Companies have created smart blinds, smart thermostats, smart lights that have WiFi and just about everything in between. However, once the smart devices are installed I rarely think about them. Unlike the rest of the smart home devices installed in my home, I have one product that excites my senses every day. Enter Moodo – The Smart Home Aroma Diffuser.

At first glance, the Moodo Smart Home Aroma Diffuser looks very similar to a smart speaker. In fact, that’s exactly what I though it was. Until I noticed “four colored speakers” on top of the little black box. My curiosity prompted me to visit with Moodo staff to learn more.

The Smell of Success

The Moodo Smart Home Aroma Diffuser is the first aroma diffuser operated completely by smart technology from your phone, tablet or home computer. The diffuser is compatible with the rest of your smart home products by Apple, Google, SmartThings and Homebridge. The “speakers” are actually pods (similar to Keurig pods) that are replaceable by simply lifting.

The more I heard about the aroma diffuser the more I was amazed. No more oils, messy wax or replacing plug-ins. I could mix-n-match up to four scents at one time to create my own custom mood! I could change the intensity of each scent from my cell phone, too. Once I found the level of aroma I enjoyed, I was able to save it for next time. Best of all, I was able to program when the diffuser should turn on or off. As an added bonus, the diffuser also serves as an air purifier.

Cost of Tranquility

I was apprehensive about purchasing a Aroma Diffuser from Moodo. The cost is around $210 for the machine and an additional $29.99 for a four pack of scent pods. It seems like a lot money to spend until I did the math. I also took into consideration the scent on my aroma products at home rarely last as long as I expect. Moodo’s scent pod capsules last for 60 days and have a wide variety of mixing options to choose from. The company offered the Moodo AIR bundle, which includes the diffuser, 1 filter and four scent pods. Perfect for a first time buyer like me! I decided to take a chance. Who knew technology could smell so good?

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