Mosquito Free Room with Bzigo

Project Manager, Ben Resnick with Marlo Anderson at CES 2022

Marlo: This may be the coolest thing we have found at CES this year. So the Bzigo is a well, in fact, I’m gonna let Ben describe this to you, but it’s an amazing product that a lot of people are gonna take advantage of. So, Hey, Ben, welcome to the Tech Ranch.

Ben: Thanks very much. You know, Bzigo is taking care of mosquitoes and other pests. I’ll tell you my problem. I wake up in the middle of the night, hearing a buzzing in my ear. I jump up, I slam my door shut so the mosquito doesn’t fly over to my kid’s room. And I turn on the light and I spend 10 minutes just looking for the stupid mosquito so I can kill it. Bzigo takes care of that problem. We find the mosquitoes we track them as soon as they fly into the room. We know they’re there.

Ben: We have an IR LEDs so we can see in the dark. Soon as the mosquito lands, we send you a notification to your phone. Then we take a laser pointer circle the mosquito show you exactly where it is. We can find mosquitoes up to eight meters 26 feet away. At that distance of mosquitoes only one pixel large but we can find it

Marlo: Is this your first year at CES.

Ben: This is our second time at CES. We were here with our prototype. And now we’re here with our actual finished product. We are ready to go to market. We’re working on mass production right now.

Marlo: No, I love it. I love it. So where do we find more information about the Bzigo

Ben: Visit

Marlo: Thank you, Benn! This is your “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson at CES 2022.

Find that Pesky Mosquito with Bzigo! Project Manager, Ben Resnick provides us a nifty solution to our mosquito problems. Bzigo pin points the location of a mosquito in the room and tracks it with a laser wherever it goes.

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