No More Snoring with Motion Pillow

Hiba Kim with Marlo Anderson at CES 2022

Marlo: Well, you’re gonna love me today, especially if you have somebody around you that keeps you up at night. And I’m referring to snoring. So Hiba is here and he’s going to be explaining to us, what you’ve come up with. This is really innovative.

Hiba: We have motion pillow, it’s a smart solution for those floors. Motion Pillow has four airbags inside. When you start snoring it detects and it’ll gently and slowly inflates the airbag inside. So it turns your head to the side. It’ll open up the airway in your throat. That way, voila, it stopped snoring.

Marlo: So how does the detect this? I mean, is it connected to your smart device? Or does it actually have a sensor within the pillow,

Hiba: We have motion system right next to the pillow and it’s linked linked to it, okay, and it has microphone in it. And when you start snoring it detects AI system learns for about a week. And oh, it knows it notices when you start snoring. So send the signal and air pump goes up. You turn your head to the side opens up, stop snoring.

Marlo: So if you continue to snore, it will continue to adjust until you stop until you stop. Okay. Do you have any stats as to restfulness at night now I mean, from you know, before coordinate, the person didn’t get to REM sleep as quickly or whatever. Tell me about it.

Hiba: We have we have a great app as well. You can connect with your smartphone, and you you’ll see the sleep analysis and gather data from the previous night’s so it’ll analyze your sleep quality. People who have with sleep apnea or severe snoring issues. Yep. They tend to use what is a CPAP? Machine? Oh, yes. But we say it’s way cheaper and way effective. And I will say it’s more convenient than CPAP machine. Sure.

Marlo: Yeah. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. So where do we find more information about you can

Hiba: Visit our booth. Okay, there and how about motion? Motion?

Marlo: Okay, motion Everybody. So, pleasure having you on? Yeah, thank you. You bet. You bet. All right, everybody. Marlo Anderson, your guru of geek coming to you from CES 2022

Say Goodbye to Snoring with Motion Pillow! Manager, Hiba Kim explains to our “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson the concept of Motion Pillow and how it’ll make your life better.

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