Pepper Spray that is Smart? Personal Safety Products that help you stay, well, safe.

Dave Nance, Ashley Fieldler and
Marlo Anderson at CES 2022

Marlo Anderson 0:06
Do you have safety concerns? Well, my friend Dave, might be able to help you a little bit. So welcome to the show, Dave.

Dave Nance 0:13
Thank you, Marlo. appreciate being here. Thanks for having me.

Marlo Anderson 0:16
Why are you at CES 2022.

Dave Nance 0:18
So we do have some connected products, say a smart pepper spray that, Oh, that’s interesting, alert your loved ones immediately when you’re in a situation where you know, we want to let them know or vice versa. If you have someone that you care about who’s in a dangerous situation, you want to you want to know about it immediately. So we have that product available, too.

Marlo Anderson 0:36
So how does that work? Exactly. I mean, if I were if you were coming out me and I use pepper spray on you, then that would want to alert the family that this just happened

Dave Nance 0:43
exactly. So we favor smart pepper spray, Bluetooth connects to your smartphone. And then that sends out a notification to your selected contacts immediately of your location that you’re in danger. And then it will follow you until you hit all safe. It also has a availability for professional monitoring as well. So the police can get there and help you out if need be, too. That’s really clever.

Marlo Anderson 1:05
And now through the power of video editing, Ashley has joined us. And actually, now you’re not actually allowed to bring this into the show are you which is why you have pictures.

Ashley Fieldler 1:16
That’s correct. So you have these cards to make it safe. Okay, because we’re a safety brand. Right?

Marlo Anderson 1:21
Right Thing. So this is actually the pepper spray that is connected.

Ashley Fieldler 1:28
So no, this is our newest pepper spray. And this is actually called the mighty discrete. So what this is, is a benefit when you’re going out and you want to have something that’s a little bit more compact, and something that you can hide, and it’s not as obvious on you. And it also gives you 16 Verse and it goes a little bit further than our traditional sprays, even though it’s smaller, so you still get a big bang for your buck. Okay, so this is a personal alarm. So different from a pepper spray, this sounds a loud alarm to draw attention to you. In addition to the alarm, it also has a motion detector. So if you were on the go, if you were traveling, if you were in a hotel room, you could set this up. And if someone were to walk in, it would actually wake you up. And because it’s a personal arm, this can be trout, you can travel anywhere with this any country, any state, you don’t have to worry about

Dave Nance 2:13
it. And so a lot of people think well, when I stay in the hotel, there’s that latch on the door, I don’t need that, right, a lot of people are staying in these Airbnb type places where they never even meet the owner and they have access to that place. So another thing you can do is this door security alarm, you shove that underneath the bedroom door, it blocks them from entering, and it sounds an alarm to scare them off and wake you or interesting, even smaller is the door handle alarm. So when they touch that door handle on the outside of the room, it sounds the alarm as well.

Ashley Fieldler 2:42
And the benefit of our products is it actually works on both sides, which most do not. So any door in any window, it’s versatile across the board. So it’s a really nice item and then talking about preventing the intruder from getting in. This item actually stops the door from opening. But we have an upgraded model now with the alarm so it sounds an alarm. So not only will it stop the door, but it will alert you so that you can call for safety or leave the home if someone was coming in.

Marlo Anderson 3:06
So it looks like this jams up underneath the door handle. And then this goes to the floor and just literally stops it from being open. Yes, Marlo, and

Dave Nance 3:14
Yes, Marlo, and a lot of your viewers may already have a professionally installed home security system, or you know, one of the DIY connected home security systems here that you can control with an app they still will buy this product is this prevents people from coming in. Yep. So you know, they’ll still get that notification that sound that alarm and whatnot. But then this keeps people out. Yeah, good combination.

Marlo Anderson 3:34
Yeah. Yeah, very interesting. Well, thanks you guys. A lot of fun and good luck to you this year at CES. This is your guru of geek Marlo Anderson at CES 2022.

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