Portable Electric Scooter Lynx

Massimiliano Melis with Marlo Anderson at CES 2022

Marlo: If you’ve never thought about, you know, maybe how you travel that last mile from public transportation, maybe just scooting around your neighbourhood. This is absolutely amazing. So Max, tell us about what you have here.

Max: This is our scooter, his name is Lynx, our startup name is totem, we are out of Italy and the DC is made around the safety of the people. Basically, what we did was to do something completely different from the current school design, because we started from having three wheels in order to have a higher stability. But also what we do was to put a collision alert system based on artificial intelligence behind. This means that when you arrive, you can ride safely, and also using the camera that we put in the back of the scooter, you can stream the video here, and you don’t even need to turn behind to look what has happening because you can be stable and don’t lose the balance while riding.

Marlo: so if you’re in like the bike, riding lane, for example, I mean, you always see people, they’re always checking your mirrors or whatever. And there is a value to knowing what’s going on behind you having the ability to almost have a rear view mirror going on here without having things coming off the handle. That’s kind of cool.

Max:  Yeah, no, definitely. That’s why we thought about it. Actually, we put that behind them because we did a study and we saw that the higher number of accident actually happens from objects that comes from behind, right. That’s why we put there right, you’re already working on something else, also from the front side. So shows how the battery works. Yeah, the battery here, it’s pretty different from also the other scooters because it’s removable. You can remove from here. It’s based on our potential design, as you can see here. The point is, the good thing is you can take it to your desk and charge that into your desk or leaving the scooter where you want in your warehouse in your box, wherever. But it also breaks down right? Sure. Yeah, actually, the good thing about this scooter is this one, you can follow the easily from the side. And then you don’t have to carry out because this is also a handle and you can bring it with you as a luggage.

Marlo: And how fast is a travel?

Max: This is limited speed of 25 kilometers per hour. This is by law to keep Anyhow the scooter safer.

Marlo: Yeah, I love the fact that it has three wheels because obviously it’s gonna be a lot more stable than most routers, the wider platform, absolutely fantastic for people like me because I still like to get out and do things. Yeah, but I want that comfort, I guess of knowing that I’m not going to fall off. Yeah, you know, where do we find more information about this?

Max: You can find everything on our website www.efe.com. So check us out. Very good.

Marlo: This is your guru of geek Marlo Anderson at CES 2022. Thank you

Massimiliano Melis introduces to our “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson Lynx a portable and stable electric scooter.

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