PowerCube™ Original USB

November 13, 2021

As technology changes so do power surge potectors. Interestingly, there is a surge protector available on the market that changes your entire perception of settling for the functionality of a surge protector. That product is the PowerCube™ – Original USB.

Power surge protectors are a necessity in any household. They protect our computers, gaming systems, phones and televisions during a power outage. The PowerCube delivers the same protection as a regular power strip. Plus, there are two lightening fast USB ports that allow you to charge your phone and tablet.

Unlike regular power strips, this cubed-shape power surge protector isn’t lying around on the floor. You plug it into an electrical outlet and that’s where it stays. The 2.5 diameter cube has four electrical ports that stay on the wall, making it easier to control bulky cords. Best of all, the cube doesn’t take up any additional room on the floor.


The PowerCube™ Original USB retails for around $29.99 in the United States and around $37.99 in Europe, with a two year warranty. The product is simple and very functional. The cube is worth every penny if the look of bulky cords is a deal maker.

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