Raven Camera Tracks Your Roadtrip and Gives Real-Time Update

Raven is an in-car camera/cellular module that not only sends real-time notifications and alerts, but it also creates footage of the trip. This cool product is the ultimate solution for worrisome parents who want to monitor their teen’s driving habits and whereabouts. You can even use it as a security cam or a real time game camera if you are out on a hunting trip.

Raven is easy to use. After mounting it on your car’s windshield or dashboard, it begins to track a hard breaking, speeding or aggressive acceleration. Even more, it allows users to see who is in the car, along with external road conditions. Luckily, this dual view is handy for tracking the progress on road trips. Whether you are concerned about inclement weather or just want to capture the splendor of a scenic drive, Raven is the solution for in-depth monitoring of a trip.

Communication from Raven is easy! By simply sending a URL at the beginning of a trip, your family members can monitor your progress, giving them peace of mind. At trip’s end, the footage can be viewed in a time-lapse format. Interestingly, the driver can even signal the camera to capture particular points of interest. With a low monthly fee, this device also offers a WiFi hotspot making it the perfect travel companion.


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