Real Life Mario Kart Experience with Battle Racing

Mauricio Buritica with Marlo Anderson at CES 2022

Marlo: Mario Kart fans, I am standing next to Mauricio. And he has the most amazing unique. I don’t know what you want to call this—- this car. It works. If you’re a Mario Kart fan, you’re gonna love this. So tell me about what you got going on here with Battle Racing.

Mauricio: So, now we have electric go karts. Modified it, and added some hardware to make all the power ups in real life. So now we have a shooter for a ball, like the shell, so when you shoot the ball, and you hit the rear of the other guard, you block him for five seconds. We also have the shooter for the bananas, it’s the discs and when you cross over the desk in on the floor, you get blocked at five seconds also. All the power ups that we have are based or inspired from Mario Kart. So, we also have the boost, double speed, we have the star, double speed and when you cross near to other kart, we block it for five seconds.

Marlo: So how many people can play at a time?

Mauricio: Only eight people can do it in our tracks.

Marlo: And how big are your tracks. So, do you have to go to one of your facilities or can you do this in anywhere?

Mauricio: Our facilities. So, the first one will be in Miami on April.

Marlo: I really really want to see you drive this. So, if you guys are ready.

Mauricio: Here we go.

Marlo: So I didn’t hear any Yahoos or anything while you’re driving. You must be used to doing this already.

Mauricio: Yeah, we need the checkpoints area. So we are seeing the power apps. You now have the shooter in the front and we can shoot the bananas. That’s the disk. And we do it while we’re driving. So we can send the star, bananas, the mushrooms and all the stuff that we do it like in Mario Kart.

Marlo: So congratulations on your idea. This is fantastic. Battle racing everybody. Go check this thing out coming to Miami pretty soon and hopefully up to 100 other locations in the United States. This is your “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson at CES 2022.

Mauricio Buritica demonstrates to our “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson how battle racing might be the new experience your looking for. BATTLE RACING is the first PHYGITAL SPORT attraction that revolutionizes the karting industry. As seen in video games or movies, now you will be able to play the first battle while driving.

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