Reduce Hair Loss with Capillus

Director of Business Development, Fernando Bermudez with Marlo Anderson at CES 2022

Marlo: As you noticed, I don’t have a lot of hair left on my head. Fernando, though, might have a solution for me. So what do you have going on with Capillus?

Fernando: Well, Marlo, you still have hair, you’ve lost a lot. Yes, but you still have some if you want to fight, there are three FDA approved or clear solutions. One is finasteride which is a drug that you need to take then you have minoxidil which is topical, that you need to put twice a day on your scalp. And you have low level laser therapy, which is what we brought here at CES.

Marlo: Okay, so it looks like it’s built into a cap. So what do I do I just wear this thing so long every day

Fernando: you just need to wear it for six minutes a day, has no side effects, no drugs involved. So you just basically place it in your head and then you see it turns on automatically. Yeah. So for six minutes, I’m just having my therapy. And basically, how it works is the laser is able to penetrate the scalp and stimulate the mitochondria within the cells to produce thicker, fuller hair.

Marlo: So does this work for pretty much everybody? Or if you have like standard male pattern baldness,

Fernando: exactly. Well, it works. It’s FDA clear for androgenetic alopecia, which is male and female pattern mold works in both in both men and women. And it takes six months to a year to start seeing results. So don’t think it’s anything magic, it’s scientific. The only thing is it takes time and it requires you to comply with the treatment in the long run. Like any other hair loss treatments, so overwhelming the people who comply with the treatment, they have 95% access rate, okay, and on average, they’re growing 51% More hair. It doesn’t mean that if you have no hair, you’re gonna grow hair. It means that in the cycle in the hair loss cycle, you have dormant hairs that are there but they are in a resting phase, okay, so the cap this technology is able to bring this back to to grow in phase. That’s what we want. And that is what gives you a higher count. And it gives you the fuller look.

Marlo: How do we find out more information?


Marlo: and the products is available ready to go right now?

Fernando: Absolutely. We sell online we sell through many partners. Many doctors recommended us

Marlo: very cool. I appreciate it. Very good. Thank you. This is your “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson at CES 2022.

Director of Business Development, Fernando Bermudez introduces to our “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson a new solution to our hair problems.

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