Revolutionize Your Cooking Game with Guru: The Smart Induction Cooktop!


Marlo Anderson, the Guru of Geek, was attending CES 2023 and stumbled upon a booth featuring an induction cooktop. Flavia Gois from Tramontina was demonstrating the cooktop, which was connected to an app called Guru. The app featured over 200 recipes and guided the user through each step of the recipe.

Flavia was demonstrating how to make TFI, a dish that is notoriously difficult to make. With the Guru app and induction cooktop, the user didn’t have to guess the temperature or time, as it was all controlled by the cooktop. The app even had a built-in scale to measure out the ingredients.

As Flavia and Marlo were chatting, the app notified them that the TFI was almost done. Flavia explained that the cooktop would also control the cooling time, making the process even easier.

Once the TFI was done, Flavia spread melted chocolate on top and added some walnuts, as per the recipe. The app guided her through each step, ensuring that there was no guesswork involved. Flavia even joked that the app was like having her there with you in the kitchen.

Marlo tried the TFI and proclaimed it delicious, and Flavia explained that the app made it an easy recipe to follow. The Guru app and induction cooktop were a perfect example of how technology could connect people and make life easier, even in the kitchen. The cooktop would be available for purchase in spring 2023, and Flavia promised to keep customers updated.


So everybody knows I love food. I got the one app instead of the six pack, so obviously I like to eat. Yeah. So of course I come wandering by and I see you’re making coffee. Flavia, why don’t you tell me a little bit about what you have. Going on here. So this is our product.

It’s called Guru. It’s an induction cooktop, a smart induction cooktop. It’s connected to a app. There’s 200 more recipes, so it guides you through a recipe. For right now, we are making tfi. That everybody knows it’s hard to make because you need to control the sugar temperature. Okay? So with Guru, you need, don’t need to guess if I at the right temperature or if I’m not right, because it controls the temperature, it controls the time that you’re cooking, and also there’s a scale built in the unit.

When you start putting the ingredients, it measures everything for you. Okay? So it shows on the display. You’re gonna see here on the display, you’re gonna see on the app. And here right now we showing on the screen, you can mirror the screen. So it goes step by step with you. It’s like having me with you at your house, but I’m not gonna be there.

Oh, I appreciate that. Yeah. Maybe not. I don’t know. And it’s super safe because you can touch the sides. Yeah. You freak me out a little bit. I grab your head, I ask, can I have your hand? And I put his hand like that. I’m like, and he was like, it’s cold. Freaking out. Yeah. Guru. It’s about getting people into the kitchen, the heart of the.

We are cooking and connecting. Okay? That’s what we want, connecting people and make life easier. So I keep checking your app here. So now it’s showing that we’re 40 seconds away from the next step it shows. So the next step is going to be over here. It says it’s cooking, it’s finished cooking. So over here on the app, it gives you the.

It also gives you info what’s the temperature of the cooktop. Okay. And also, if you want, over here, it gives you a list of ingredients that you are using Okay. For, to, for cooking. So it’s very self-explanatory and it’s as I say, there’s 200 plus recipes and we testing and adding new recipe. Every single day.

So you can go wild. You can use your imagination, of course, use the recipes because it’s preset. And the kit comes the cooktop, and it comes the pan, the four quarter stainless pan, and the non-stick pan. Okay? So that’s how the kit will. So how do we find your products? Laia on the website Okay.

On the website. It’s gonna be available in spring 2023. Okay. And I think by the end of the year at the big retailers, Costco, Sams Club, Walmart. Okay. But we gonna keep updating our customers about it. Okay. Alright, Lavia, it’s almost time for the tough, 20 seconds? No. I’m gonna hang out just for a couple more seconds here if that’s okay.

Yes, of course. We gotta see this. That’s the fun part, right? Yes. Yes. So it’s almost done and it’s like we are talking, I’m not worrying about anything because it’s controlling everything. Yeah. I’m getting more worried about this than you are actually. So we are controlling everything. So here we go. Fun part.

So how long does this have to cool now? So it needs to cool for about 20 minutes. But the cooktop will control that for you. So I’m gonna spread this a little bit.

It’s super hot. So if you don’t have chef hands that he deals with hot stuff, I’ve never heard that term before. Yeah. So what do you wanna do right now?

So the caramel part? Yes. It’s hot, right? Yes. So if you will wait about a minute or so, it’s gonna melt the chocolate. Okay. So we spread the chocolate and then we put some walnuts on top. Okay. You need to cut it down for about 20 minutes and it’s gonna be ready, change high. Okay. And it’s still, I will be your new best friend.

You know that right? See, it’s still counting. I put the chocolate, so it’s asking me to spread the chocolate so we can start doing this.

It’s gonna melt because the caramel is super hot. And again, the app is telling you now that it’s time to do this. Exactly. So it guides me through every single step. And you can put more chocolate if you want. Okay. That part, I leave it up to the customer. Sure. And then pecans. You can put pecans, walnuts, you can put macada, you can put any kind of nuts that you like.

Okay. It’s up to you. We suggest walnuts because we are from Texas, so Texas Walnut. Known. So you press a little bit and then you put in the fridge for 20 minutes. Okay. And when it comes out, the outcome, can I have that And then I have some left over here. Oh, okay. So you can try. Alright. Have.

Yeah, it’s delicious. Thank you. Very nice. And it’s a easy recipe to follow, , it’s a easy recipe. I’d left you hanging. It’s an easy recipe to follow because the guru guides you too, so there’s no guesswork. Even TFI that some people think is super hard to. Yeah, Playa. Thank you. You’re welcome.

Pleasure. This is your guru of Geek Marlo Anderson from CES 2023.

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