Revolutionizing Computing: How Distributive Unlocks the Potential of On-Premise Devices


In a recent conversation with Marlo Anderson, the Guru of Geek, Dr. Dan Desjardins from the company Distributive discussed the potential of on-premise devices as an alternative to cloud computing. Distributive’s innovative web-based distributed compute platform offers a cost-effective solution for organizations like hospitals, manufacturers, and universities to make better use of their idle devices and computers.

Dr. Desjardins explained, “If it has a processor, a cpu, or a gpu, we can put it into its own cloud, its own compute cluster using a new novel, web-based distributed compute platform. This takes all the compute and AI and data processing and advanced research computing and does it on these devices rather than in the cloud. So it’s about a 10th to a 15th of the cost data stays in the building and allows anybody essentially to become practitioners of next-generation AI solutions.”

The platform has already proven effective in various use cases, such as optimizing surgical operating room schedules in hospitals and conducting dark matter searches in galaxies for universities. By leveraging the computing power of on-premise devices, organizations can significantly reduce their reliance on costly cloud services.

To learn more about Distributive and their revolutionary platform, visit their website at or contact Dr. Dan Desjardins at

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