Seven Uses For Your Google Home Speakers

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While Google is of course known for being the most beloved search engine on the web, it’s had more than its fair share of consumer products, all with varying degrees of success. We’ve seen the Pixel phones hit the market and experienced double vision thanks to the surreal product that is Google Glass. Five years ago, Google entered the smart speaker game with their Google Home line (now renamed Nest) and have not looked back since. With these speakers powered by Google Assistant, the sky is seemingly the limit for this line of devices. In the meantime though, here are seven practical things you can do with your Google speakers.

If you have more than one device that’s compatible with this feature, you can all line them up seamlessly thanks to the Speaker Groups feature. From your Google Homes, Nests and even Chromecasts, you can have them all play the same music or audio simultaneously – giving new meaning to the term “surround sound”.

Similar to the speaker-lining feature, you can also send a message to all of your Google-themed devices that are connected on the same network. This serves as a brilliant way to get messages across your household without needing to leave your couch. If your significant other is in the kitchen and your kids are in their bedrooms – it’ll be easy to communicate thanks to this feature. Distance won’t be an issue as long as all the speakers you wish to connect to are on the same network, and so you’re able to broadcast messages to others no matter how far they may be.

If you are looking to meditate or sleep with something peaceful in the background, Google can help you find the perfect background to relax to. If you’re in the mood for a cozy fireplace or the soothing waves of the ocean, you can pull the set of sounds you need from Google’s wealthy collection of ambient noises.

Google Translate has made its name as one of the most effective tools in the search engine’s arsenal. Whether it be single words or entire sentences in a foreign language, Google Translate can get the job done for you. Fortunately, the Home and Nest speakers aren’t barred from translating things for its owners. You can simply ask the Assistant to translate something and it’ll do so with ease.

It’s not all serious for Google’s speakers as you’re able to play games with it whenever you wish. You can unlock your comedic prowess in an audio version of the surreal fill-in-the-blanks game Mad Libs or put your music knowledge to the test with Song Pop. Those are just two out of the seemingly countless number of games your speaker could provide, and whatever game you’ll end up choosing can be fun for the whole family.

The more recent phenomenon that is “If this, then that” allows more than two smart devices to link up alongside the plethora of apps that are compatible. You can use your Google smart speaker to send commands to completely unrelated smart devices. From turning on your Samsung Robot Vacuum to accessing your Blink Doorbell from afar, there’s endless possibilities thanks to IFTTT. This is perhaps the closest thing to a “multiverse” within the Internet of Things, and it’s nice to know that Google’s speakers are participants in this virtual ecosystem.

More than just fun and accessibility, your Google speakers can also channel safety. If someone is at your door, your speaker can alert you to the presence that’s outside your house. You can also take it one step further if you have a doorbell that is compatible as well as a Chromecast. With all these devices combined, you can stream outside your front porch and see whoever is near your house.

These are just seven among the many things that make Google speakers the perfect assistant for your day-to-day needs, making the AI’s name more than in-name-only. Once you get the hang of these commands and features, it can turn your speakers into a great companion and helper with your routines and agendas.

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