Tapplock one+ Padlock


I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with padlocks. I love the easy security solution a padlock provides, but I detest the additional keys I have to keep track of. Imagine my surprise when I came across Tapplock one+ keyless padlock.

The Weather Test

I live in North Dakota where the most unpredictable thing is the weather. It’s no surprise my first question was whether or not the lock could withstand a freezing cold February day. The specs of the device say that it will function in all types of weather, including freezing cold with temperatures around -4F. Unfortunately, the winter temperature in North Dakota can reach -40F with a wind chill. Even though it’s only June, I know the Tapplock one+ can’t withstand the frigid temperatures.

Complete Control

The most intriguing thing about this padlock is it is controlled by an app on your phone. You have total control on programing and monitoring the padlock. If you need to open the lock while you’re away from home, the app allows you to do so. You can create lock profiles to see who is using the padlock. If you want to prevent someone from opening the padlock, you can delete their profile.

User-Defined Access

The Tapplock one+ padlock is one of the first smart padlocks on the market. It provides all the sturdy and secure features of a conventional padlock without the key. It has reinforced stainless steel, a double-layered lock design with anti-shim and anti-pry features. The big difference is in the locking mechanism, which is your fingerprint. I didn’t need the option to program up to 300 fingerprints. I only needed four. My only issue was opening the padlock. It took two or three, and sometimes four tries.

Locked in Value

When I purchased this device I had one thing in mind. To test it out and give a product review. Find out if this gadget is worth the $99.99 it retails for.


  • Set up and programming was easy.
  • Downloading the app was fairly easy.
  • Easy Control who accessed the lock.
  • Functional during rain.
  • No keys to keep track of.
  • Excellent hardware construction.


  • Fingerprint technology is ok, but could be better.
  • Doesn’t work in frigid temps in the upper mid-west.

Overall, the Tapplock one+ is a very good product. The cost is a little high, though. Unless the company finds a way to prevent the padlock from being cut with a bolt cutter, I’ll stick to the regular padlocks.

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