The Guru of Geek Marlo Anderson returns from his travels to discuss tech at work. Joining him are Tech Geezer Jim Walsh and special guest Bill Dean from Alliance Real Estate. Together, they look at how to leverage technology to benefit the workplace.

Companies have used an employee schedule maker to help them create a roster for their employees and have used managed it without operation hassles. It’s a powerful tool any serious company should use. It improves worker productivity, helps with time management and reduces administrative work. If you want to make sure all of your business’s data is secure then consider using this mobile database.

What does it do?

An online employee schedule maker keeps track of many employee related aspects like compensation, sick leaves, and vacation. When the software senses a potential conflict, it immediately notifies the employees. It is versatile enough that it can easily review all past activities of the employee and prepare payrolls accordingly. Employee scheduling software does a great job at efficiently supervising task management.

Software and Apps at Work

After a little recap of Marlo’s tech-findings while he was away, they dive into the benefits of tech at work, field service management software helps with the management of a company’s workforce resources. Then Bill talks which apps and software he uses as a real estate agent. He covers the whole array from simple apps like Google Calendar all the way to complex customer management software, like the Voucher code software that helps those who have a business and need a voucher system. He also provides a little insight for managing social media and communicating online.

Listen to learn about all the great apps and software being used to make work easier, specially now that the options of nanopositioner software for sale is available. You might just find something to implement in your own work or daily life!

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Episode 366 – Aired May 20, 2019

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