Tesla Chargers Outnumbered By EVs; Apple vs. Android Map War


Not enough juice for Tesla chargers?

With now over two million of them being used in the United States (and that number steadily going up over the past five years), electric vehicles are now a normal sight to see on the road. They have integrated into the ecosystem of the road very easily, and no longer are they the black sheep when compared to traditional, gasoline-fueled vehicles that have been the norm for ages. However, the elephant in the room involves their charging stations – there are only 55,000 of them in the country. 

A typical scene one would see everyday is the lines that pile up when around these charging stations, with as few as eight chargers in one place and the amount of cars falling in line reaching double digits. This proves to be troublesome now and will continue to be so the more people join in and buy their own EVs, and it’s an issue that’s not so different compared to what gas stations faced when they were new. 

Tesla owners wishing to just get a charger for their homes can choose to fork up the money, with a Level 2 charger reaching up to $1600, but to some that may not seem as a worthy investemnt as logically, there are also chargers outside. However, as we’ve seen, right now the numbers aren’t enough. While creative ideas like the Powerwall may serve as short-term solutions, all the companies dabbling in the EV field right now have to come up with long-term answers or risk draining out customers’ patience. 

Battle of the Map apps

DC vs. Marvel, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Sega vs. Nintendo… we’ve all seen our fair share of all-out battles throughout history, two sides waging war with one another to prove who brings forth the superior product. When it comes to today’s tech, the biggest question today is simply “Who’s better?” between Apple and Android, the two juggernauts that are part of every smartphone’s DNA. Both operating systems have their own plethora of apps as well, but if you’re having trouble deciding which is better for you, here is a quick rundown of their respective Map apps – with more apps highlighted on this episode of Talk of the Town. 

Both Google and Apple have their own dedicated Map apps available for use when the need arises. Whether it’s figuring out how to get to your next function or if you need directions for your next road trip, these Map apps are blessings in disguise. In terms of availability, Google Maps has the unanimous edge – it’s available on both Apple and Android devices. Apple Maps, however, remains exclusive and because of this is only locked in for use in iOS devices. 

When it comes to their respective interfaces, Google Maps is unfortunately a cluttered mess. There are buttons and toolbars present that interfere with the way you view the map and overall it could be a tiresome experience if you’re rushing to get the latest info on your route. In contrast, Apple Maps has a very linear and minimalist presentation. It keeps the essential things on your screen and doesn’t bother with clutter that could distract you from concentrating on your route. 

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