Have you wondered what is exactly in your smartphone? Not the apps, photos or videos, but precisely what elements are used to physically make the device? Today, the Guru of Geek Marlo Anderson discusses with Snoop Doug and The Geezer the interesting elements found inside our devices . 

Over 1.4 billion smartphones are made annually. It’s important for users to understand where the materials are acquired from and the best method to dispose them when they’re done with the smartphones. So what do you do if you’re cell phone is made of up silver, gold, iron, silicon and chromium.


Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu are a few of the most popular Apps available for streaming. Significantly cheaper than cable, streaming devices are becoming the new way to watch television. So how do you choose which device to use? The Guru of Geek discusses the different types of streaming devices and helps explain why some are better than others.


Asus! Taiwan has joined the long list of malware criminals. Find out how…

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Episode 361 – Aired March 25, 2019


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