The First Ever Interactive Bartender Cecilia

Elad Kobi with Marlo Anderson at CES 2022

Marlo: Another amazing find at CES this year you lad is with Cecilia. And Cecilia has some very, very interesting talents. So tell us about any of that.

Elad: So Cecilia is the first autonomous robotic bartender. And you can direct with her she works on a speech recognition and AI technology. You can interact with her, you can joke with her, she can tell you jokes tell you stories. And she also makes a very, very good cocktail.

Marlo: where do you see this being used at? I mean, is it something that you’re going to see, you know, like, at small, smaller gatherings or meetings, or do you see this actually, in bars sometime in the future or even in people’s houses?

Elad: it really depends. We are aiming now for the cruise lines, hotel, okay. Yeah. Resorts, stadiums, lounges, VIP lounges, bring this innovation to the customers. Bring them something very nice to have fun way to interact with

Marlo: how many drinks will she make?

Elad: Well, it’s depends. SSA has 12 pipes. You can use them all. You can also put premix. You can also mix it inside Cecilia, and you can choose but she can contain up to 70 liters.

Marlo: Do I get to try this first?

Elad: Why are we here?

Marlo: how does this work? I mean, do I just speak into the microphone? Really?

Elad: yeah, we’re gonna I’m gonna give you a glass with a nice, okay. Good.

Marlo: Okay

Elad: All right up to start. Tap the start.

Cecilia: Well, hello, the world’s first interactive robotic bartender. If you want booze, you came to the right booth. But first, I need to check your ID.

Elad: Here. I’ll butcher the ID perfectly. You’re over 21 Right.

Marlo: I am over 21  yes

Marlo: perfect. So here now she can scan my ID. Okay, and say we can drink.

Elad: Awesome. Let’s get you something. Oh, you can ask her.

Marlo: What’s on the menu. What do you recommend? So what do you recommend Cecilia?

Cecilia: I recommend checking out the rest of the Israeli startups around the cocktail hour. Do you prefer your cocktail sweet, fruity, smoky or classic?

Marlo: Oh, let’s try a fruity one.

Cecilia: You can’t fall with a fruity cocktail. Even when it’s made with a fall fruit. Take my vodka with cranberries. asked me for cranberry pie or mix from the menu.

Marlo: Cranberry pie.

Cecilia: Raspberry Pie is for makers. Cranberry pie is for takers.

Elad: And there you go.

Marlo: Oh my goodness.

Elad: Yeah. You’re in a blink of an eye. You haven’t seen it. Haven’t seen it coming. Degas goes on

Cecilia: your story. Don’t forget to tag hashtag drinker Cecilia. Amazing, so I can bring it up course. It’s yours. Cheers. Cheers. Cheers.

Elad: What do you think?

Marlo: Thank you very much. That’s pretty tasty here. Where do people find more information about this?

Elad: So you can go to our website, it’s Cecilia AI. So you can look up for us. You can contact us and we will provide anything you need. I appreciate

Marlo: I appreciate your time of geek Marlo Anderson at CES 2022

Our “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson meets Cecilia the first ever interactive bartenders. CEO, Elad Kobi introduces to us the talents and skills that Cecilia have.

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