The Future of Autonomous Vehicles: Affordable and High-Tech


Are you ready for the future of transportation? Autonomous vehicles are becoming more and more prevalent, and soon they will be the norm. But who says they have to be boring? Dr. Lael Alexander and automobile designer Richard Patterson have teamed up to create an affordable brand that can compete with the big names in the electric vehicle and alternative vehicle spaces.

Their autonomous vehicle, called the Jager, features hot-swappable batteries that can be easily replaced at one of their stations in just three minutes, allowing drivers to continue on their way without delay. This innovative technology is a game-changer in the EV market, as it allows for greater flexibility and convenience for drivers.

The Jager also features patented air sterilization technology that removes volatile organic compounds from the cabin air, making it the perfect ride for ride-share companies or for those concerned about the air quality in their vehicle.

But this is no mere prototype. The Jager will be available in just 45 days and is the product of years of research and development. With a 348-mile range, a cell that weighs just over 112 pounds, and advanced fly-by-wire technology, the Jager is a high-tech vehicle for the modern driver.

So, are you ready for the future of transportation? Look out for the Jager Autonomous vehicle and join the ride into the future.


So, have you ever thought about what the future of your ride’s gonna look like? Of course it’s gonna be autonomous. The vehicle’s gonna pick you up, take you where you want to go. But you know, it doesn’t have to be boring, right? So this gives you a glimpse into the future of what autonomous vehicles are gonna look like.

So let’s just start with this vehicle. What is up with this? This is a partnership between me and my, my, one of my great friends Richard Patterson. He’s an automobile designer as well. He designed the one of Tesla’s first cars, and he was a part of the Fisker organiz. Two, two real designers coming together to say, Hey, listen, we can build a, an affordable brand that can actually go to the market and actually compete with these guys in a, in an alternative vehicle space.

Right. Or the EV space. We don’t like to say electric vehicle because there’s a lot more than that. Right. Autonomous vehicles are gonna be one of those things that’s gonna be your normal everyday. You’re not gonna drive anymore because our customers are doing so many different things at all times.

It’s no longer a singularity complex of your thought, right? It’s everyone’s doing multi-thread, right? So the car has gotta at least drive itself. This is an autonomous representation of of what we’re building, what it features is our hot swapping capabilities of the batteries. Unlike some of the other EV vehicles, those battery cells.

Or so heavy that it wouldn’t allow for a normal user to actually just change it out. It also kinda delays you at the pump or the charts. So now with our hot swapping ability, a driver will actually be able to go to one of our stations and in three minutes hot, swap out their batteries and continue on in their drive.

Now this carries about a 348 mile.

So I’m gonna stop you right there. Yeah. So the hot swappable battery Yeah. Has 348 miles Yes. In it

right now. Right now. Right now. And then you actually, that’s pretty impressive. Yeah. And you have a, and you have a cell that you’re changing out that doesn’t cross a that doesn’t have a hun over 112 pounds.

So just about anyone can actually change out this swap. Another thing that we’re kind of featuring here is the air quality in the cabin. Okay? Don’t, don’t ever hear about this ever, ever, right? I mean, even the big guys, the Ford, the GMs a lot of us, when we speak about emissions, we’re not really concerned about the N 2 0 2 ratio that we’re actually breathing right in cabin air pressure.

In cabin air quality is what we’re focused on. So one of our patented technologies is air sterilization, how we disassociate volatile organic compounds inside of the air. And this is perfect for guys that’s doing these ride share companies and things of that nature. Covid just gave us all the scare, right?

Your driver, that taxi cab driver, Uber or Lyft driver could have been a person that’s contaminating half of America. That air quality in the cabin wasn’t sterilized. So that sanitation is what we’re focused on in every last one of our vehicles and some of the technologies that we’re gonna license to the bigs.

Is this gonna

be available sometime in the future, or is this kind of a prototype we’re

looking at right now? This, this will be in production ready in 45 days. So we’re ready. This has been a development. Now we’ve been building cars since 2014. We did the F1 race in 2014, took Fort Place. And at, in 2014, picture this, we were one of those car companies our first time in the entire automotive industry that didn’t have to pit stop for getting the downloads of the vehicle right, because we did everything fly by wire and everything was delivered over.

And that was, at that time, I was the first to even feature getting updates from a car. That’s before everything that I think what is GM’s? OnStar? Yes. Yeah. OnStar wasn’t doing that yet. I mean, you could actually actually have them call signal you uh, Emergency response on the side of the road, but it couldn’t tell you what was going on in the car.


So where do we sign up for the

car? That’ll be Yeager. No Yeager’s. The car company that we’re gonna be going out to the market with. It’s called Jager Autonomous. And you understand why it’s autonomous, right? Yes. Yeah. Yeah. This

is your guru of Geek Marlo Anderson, coming to you from CS 2023.

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