The Latest in 3D Printing with Form Labs

Jeff Boehm with Marlo Anderson at CES 2022

Marlo: 3d printing. It’s amazing what has gone on in this industry in the last couple years, a lot of people call it adaptive printing have Jeff beam with Formlabs. Next to me here, Jeff, thanks for being with us today.

Jeff : Thank you. Pleasure to be here.

Marlo: So tell me about, you know, some of the advances you’ve seen in the last couple of years. In 3d printing,

Jeff: we actually had three new things that we announced yesterday. So that’s what we do here at CES, we do. So we have a new version of our desktop, our standard printer called the form three plus, that is much faster and also has. So when you print with SLA, you get little support marks where sometimes there may be supports that are holding the part on it. And with the new version of our printer, they are tearaway supports that are that do not leave any surface mark. And so it’s much easier, there is a new post processing thing called AR build platform to that once this part is done, you actually just squeeze the handles and the parts just fall right off of the build platform, making it much easier to get these parts. And then the third thing we introduced was an ESD safe resin electrostatic discharge. So electrostatic can cause a lot of problems if you’re in electronics manufacturing. And so this allows you to create parts that dissipate electrostatic charges so that they’re safe for you know, electronics enclosures or chips or, or things like that Formlabs uses a type of 3d printing called stereo lithography that uses a laser to cure a photopolymer resin that creates an incredible array of products out of it. Now you brought

Marlo: some samples. I think these are interesting. So just go ahead and talk about each of these.

Jeff : Yeah, I did. This is the most typical sort of use case for 3d printing where Oxo, they use us for rapid prototyping. So if you take that that’s actually two different materials, and that they can rapidly prototype and iterate and sort of test out okay, do I like this design? Does it feel good? Does it work? That’s amazing. I’ll give two more examples. Okay, one that I have in my hand and one that you haven’t realized yet, one that I have in my hand is this is actually electroplated. So this is printed in one of our standard materials, but it is then use a process called electroplating. Just like that, but then it’s electroplated and you end up with a metal like parts, but printed at a fraction the cost of metal 3d printing, and so it’s a much easier to print. So the last example is these shoes, and it’s gonna be hard to see can I use Yeah, this is actually directly printed on our printers. And it’s a special type of resin that we made with him called rebound that provides really good you know, I use these for running and it provides really good rebound. It’s extremely tear resistant. I’ve been wearing these now solid for a year and a half and they look great.

Marlo: And if we want to find out more information online if you

Jeff: want to find out more information go to

Marlo: Alright, Jeff, it’s been a pleasure. This is your “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson coming to you from CES 2022

The latest advancements in 3D Printers. Jeff Boehm from Formlabs visits with the “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson at CES 2022 in Las Vegas Nevada. From prototyping ideas to production, 3D printing can be a great solution.

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