The legalities of websites and apps.

February 10, 2014

So you have had that “light bulb” moment.  That awe-inspiring idea for a website or app that is going to change the world.  You get advice from friends, family and even strangers about your idea.  Part of that “advice” pool should be an attorney that knows the challenges that you are about to face.

There are many attorneys that claim to specialize in the practice of website and app legalities, and only a few that have real world experience.

The team at L.A. Tech & Media Law Firm ( provide legal services focused primarily for tech start ups. Some of the legal issues facing technology based clients are:


  • What type of entity to form? (Corporation, LLC, sole proprietorship);
  • What is your business plan, business model, and revenue model?
  • What copyrights and trademarks do you own, or will own?
  • Are there copyright and patent awards considerations?
  • Are you working with celebrities or their agents?
  • Who are you hiring? Employees? Independent contractors? Partners? Joint-Venture? What are the terms?
  • What are your startup financing options?
  • Are you considering crowdfunding?

Choosing the right legal partner can determine if your business will be successful.  You can find more information at

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