The Metaverse, Artificial (man-made) Glaciers and Stuff Plants Crave


This week, The “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson sat down with both radio host Randy and the founder of BeBizzy, Marv Dorner. Here are some of the biggest takeaways from the podcast. 

It’s back to the future with the DeLorean 

The pop culture institution that is the Back to the Future series of films has always seen its fair share of memorabilia for fans of this beloved trilogy. We’ve seen bobbleheads, figurines, and even the fabled self-tying shoes have been realized in the real world. However, one notable part of the films that we haven’t seen in a while is the DeLorean. 

Far from the 1985 film, we are now in 2022 and with that in mind, the DeLorean will be coming back as an electric vehicle, a more modern and modest take on the classic car. It was officially unveiled by the DeLorean Motor Company as the Alpha 5. It’s certainly an interesting-looking vehicle though some may wish this newest model to have the spirit of what they saw in the Back to the Future movies instead. It would be up to DMC themselves if they’re looking to cash in on all that nostalgia, but in the meantime, it looks like they’re leaning forward. 

More than a game?

The Oculus brand of VR helmets have certainly been the talk of the town when it comes to this particular space. In the past, they’ve offered “virtual courtside seats” to passionate NBA fans looking to experience the game like never before. However, would that work if the cameras were mounted on the seats themselves?

Numerous companies are in this feeling-out process, trying to figure out how to best implement new experiences all while the viewer gets more comfortable than ever. We have seen modern artists perform in spaces never imagined before and have them branded as “VR concerts”. However, most of these experiences are hit-or-miss. It would be interesting to see if people would be up to Oculus’ idea of making VR helmets an integral part of a concert or game-watching experience – or if people would rather just watch things the old-fashioned way.

Playing in a virtual sandbox

A concept that’s probably outside the radar for those not into the Metaverse is buying virtual land. In the case of the Sandbox, they combined this recent phenomenon with a gaming experience to bring something unique in all the Metaverse hullabaloo. With over 65,000 transactions and counting, it’s safe to say that their foray into the Metaverse has been a success so far. 

Marlo likens buying virtual land in the Metaverse to reserving all your social media handles before someone gets to them. Before the Metaverse was even conceived, we already had “virtual spaces” in the form of all the social media sites we visit. To maximize the usage of these sites, Marlo says it’s best to reserve your desired handles now rather than to be forced to pry it off of someone else’s hands. Fortunately for Marv, he did not have this problem when it came to BizzyBe. 

What’s the next step to help save nature?

Water storage and creation has become quite an important attribute to work on in the world of tech. The droughts that have been present throughout the United States in some form – especially in the Western and Southwestern parts of the country – are no joke. There have been devices made to try and combat this, specifically ones that take the humidity out of the air and can make up to 10 gallons of water a day!

Taking it a step further, why not artificial glaciers? While it sounds like it’s more at home in the realm of science fiction, stranger things have happened. As a proud North Dakotan, Marlo is quick to point out that these glaciers would be perfect for his state to complement the natural way of storing water – winter. However, a concept like this can also spread to other states such as Las Vegas where other would truly get to benefit. Moreover, if Canada’s Glacial National Park says the glaciers are running out, wouldn’t it be for the best to try and help things out? 

But why stop there? Would it be possible to also help influence the CO2 and oxygen cycle of plants? This is pondered upon by the hosts and to their conclusion, it can be done in one of two ways. One would be to genetically modify plants in order to emit more CO2, and the other is to strategically plant more types of plants that naturally let out more CO2. Either proposition is promising and it’s certainly something to think about when it comes to ways to save the environment.

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