Top Seven Uses For Your Amazon Alexa

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While the Amazon Echo series may look like nothing more than a set of sleek speakers, within them lies the virtual assistant that is Alexa. Once Alexa is channeled, the core of your Echo speaker is transformed into a voice-recognizing powerhouse that can help with every matter related to your devices and your home. As of 2019, Amazon has sold over 100 million Alexa-enabled devices, proving that Alexa has truly become an irreplaceable part of one’s home. In this article, we break down what makes Alexa so powerful and list seven things it can do to make you and your family’s lives easier.

If your hands are too occupied or if you’re not in the mood to grab your remote, all you have to do is let your voice be heard and Alexa can control your TV for you. By linking Alexa with your Amazon Fire TV, you can search for your favorite movies and shows with just the sound of your voice. Of course, controlling the playback is just as easy, with Alexa able to recognize the simplest of commands such as “pause” and “play”. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with this process, Alexa will have your back every time. When it comes to your viewing experience, you wouldn’t even need to lift a finger!

Most people like to start off their day with some meditation. Others prefer to get perky right away with some coffee. No matter what you do in the morning and no matter what order of events it may be, Alexa can help find the flow in your morning routine. Thanks to Alexa’s Follow-Up Mode, you can now give Alexa your commands in near-rapid succession and she’ll follow through each time. This means you can check on your sports teams and find the recipe for today’s breakfast as you prepare your clothes and make your bed. With the Routine function, Alexa instead can do more than one thing after a single mapped-out command. How’s that for multitasking?

Whether you fancy yourself as the Gordon Ramsey of your home or are just looking for a quick meal to whip up, Alexa can be your co-chef in the kitchen. You can have Alexa browse through recipes and it will read the ingredients to you as you need them. If you’re looking to be the life of the party, Alexa can also help you out when it comes to making cocktails and alcoholic drinks.

It’s late at night and it’s time to tuck the kids in. Even when everyone in the house is ready for some shuteye, Alexa is still ready to help out upon hearing the sound of her name. Thanks to the Skill called Storytime, you can have Alexa play recordings of short stories for your children to enjoy. There’s even loads of genres available that cater to every kid’s taste. While we may never know if your Echo dreams of electric sheep, it’s at least nice to know that your kids will have sweet dreams thanks to Alexa’s storytelling expertise.

It’s no secret that we live in a sports-crazed society. With the Super Bowl, World Cup and Olympics being events enjoyed by people from all over the world, Alexa has her finger on the pulse and can update you on all these – and more! Alexa supports updates on around fifteen sports leagues, ranging from basketball to hockey, and even professional wrestling. This means whether you’re after dunks, home runs, goals or body slams, Alexa won’t have you miss out on all the latest happenings in the sphere of sports.

Much like how certain commands can help you navigate your Amazon Fire TV, the same kinds of commands can be done to your Xbox as well. Thanks to Alexa’s Xbox Skill, you can have your Xbox launch games and check out the newest games on the Game Pass subscription service. With Alexa’s doing all the nitty-gritty for you, the only thing you need to focus on is beating that dreaded boss fight and getting to the next level.

Of course, it’s a no-brainer that an Amazon Echo would do what it was designed to do. However, thanks to Alexa, the Echo listening experience is made easier, more seamless and definitely more fun. Now, there’s no need to type away in order to get to your favorite artists or songs. You can even give Alexa vague requests and find new songs or genres for you to enjoy. With the Echo already being a formidable speaker in its own right, Alexa handling DJ duties for you can truly maximize your Amazon speaker whether you jam alone or with your friends.

Amazon has had no shortage of Echo speaker variations that have come out through the years. Fortunately, whether you own a Dot, Show, Studio or just the original Echo, rest assured that Alexa will follow through with all of these commands and be an important member of your home.

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