Topical Sanitation: A Solution to Reduce Covid and other Communicable Disease Spread.


The Covid-19 pandemic has brought significant changes to the way we live our lives, and for many of us, the closure of schools has been a particularly challenging aspect of the pandemic. However, Dr. Lael Alexander and his team at Air and Water Solutions have developed a solution to help reduce the spread of Covid in schools, and it’s been a game-changer.

The solution is a dry fog that uses pure water to sanitize surfaces and the air, reducing the spread of Covid and other germs. When kids walk into schools, they can now enjoy a quick and easy spray that lasts for six to eight hours, and they can participate in harboring a safe, Covid-free environment.

The solution has been implemented in many schools, and during the Covid outbreak, Tulsa schools that had implemented the solution remained open, while others were forced to close. This simple yet effective solution has proven to be effective in reducing the spread of Covid, with zero Covid cases reported for faculty and students during the years the solution was integrated into school systems.

The solution has also been implemented in retail environments, triggered by motion sensors to ensure that customers are entering a sanitized environment. The solution is easy to implement, and all that is required is to know the traffic count to determine the size of the solution.

Air and Water Solutions have developed an effective solution to help reduce the spread of Covid in schools and other environments. The solution is a simple and effective way to help ensure a safe and sanitized environment for all.


During Covid there was a handful of schools that asked us if there was anything that we could develop so that when the kids would come into the schools, they could have topical sanitation so that they could reduce the amount of covid spread in the school system. The year that covid outbreak, Outbreak happened.

All Tulsa schools were closed except for the ones that we had implemented this in over the summer. So what would happen? Kids would literally walk in, and this is actually, it’s like atomization because it is a dry fog. This is not a wet touch or anything. So kids enjoy putting this topical sanitizer. It lasted for six to eight hours and it reduced the spread and it allowed the kids to actually participate in really harboring a safe, covid free environment.

There was zero covid cases for faculty and students during the years that we had these things integrated into school systems. And right now CS officials, they came in y. So ask me about this, because this should literally be at the front door of the ces.

I’ve walked through the units actually help with the development of some of these Yeah.

With alcohol sprayers and all this other stuff. So you This is pure water. Yeah.

Yeah. This is pure water. So when you bring oxygen down to its elemental form and allow nitrogen and oxygen to do its thing, you realize it was cool to the touch, right? Yeah, it is. Yeah. The elements will do their thing.

Oxid, oxidation, I mean everything that you clean something with, it’s oxidized, right? So when we look at the elements in its purest form, we don’t have to create any manmade chemicals to go ahead and do what nature intended.

So in a environment like CES here, would it be this size?

Would it be a little taller as you walk through it? How would you

envision that? We actually controlling the things that are right at your waist to the floor because most of the things that’s gonna control the spread is gonna be the things that people track in, right? So if we can keep it at this it would be less of a nuisance for people to walk through a clouded vapor than to have them walk through some fog.

You know what I mean? And of course the kids love this, and the kids love it. Kids love it. Kids

love it. Yeah. That’s pretty amazing. So this is available already? Yeah. Too. You right now, you would so do you go in and do an evaluation of a hospital or a facility like this first

and then Yeah, typically we just need to know your traffic count.

This is actually triggered by motion. If so if, even if it’s on the other side of the. The motion sensor will go off and then the fall goes start right before the person answers it. You’re at least getting a sanitized customer coming into your retail environment.

Okay, this is Marlo Anderson, your guru of geek at CES 2023.

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