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Nick Fischens with Marlo Anderson at CES 2022

Marlo: So don’t you hate this? Nic, here’s my card.

Nick: Thanks for your business

Marlo: card. Yeah, that’s exactly how it works, isn’t it? That’s right. I can’t tell you how many boxes of business cards I have it at my office. And I’m always, you know, it’s the new year, right? And I’m like, Alright, I’m going to tackle that box of business cards, and you never get to it right? You know? So you have a solution?

Nick: We do. All right, so

Marlo: tell me about it.

Nick: So Poppo is a next generation business card. We are replacing paper business cards, when a with an effective way to actually get your information into the people’s you meet phones, okay, with papale. Our products use NFC and QR technology. So you can instantly share anything with a tap or scan. And the best part is that the other person doesn’t need a pop up or an app to receive your info.

Marlo: So basically, you would tap this to my phone,

Nick: just like this. And it opens right to my digital business card.

Marlo: Isn’t that amazing? That’s pretty cool. Also has all of your social media attached to this as well so I can follow you however I want.

Nick: Correct. You can customize it for whatever you want your latest social media contact info websites, you can even take payments. Okay, from pop up.

Marlo: Oh, that’s interesting. Yeah. So when I click connect with me what’s going to happen here now,

Nick: this is how we swap contacts. This is gonna download my contacts into your phone. Okay, now I’m saving to your phone. It’s not just a webpage, and then this form, name, email and phone. You fill that out and I get your information back. Pablo is contactless NFC technology is contactless and so we’re in a perfect position to really end the paper business card and revolutionize networking.

Marlo: But do you have other products besides this as well? Right, correct.

Nick: We have we have physical cards that have a QR code on the back. We have wristbands okay. We have key chains and we have XL is bigger stationery products for businesses

Marlo: in order we find you, Papa co Alright, check that out everybody. This is your “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson at CES 2022.

Nick Fischens from Popl explains to our “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson how digital business cards will start replacing paper ones.

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